Same-Sex Marriage vs Conceal Carry Hypocrisy

A gay couple in Ohio got legally married in Vermont, but then returned to their home in Cincinnati, but Ohio does not recognize same-sex marriages from other states.  State law in Ohio defines marriage as one man with one woman.  One member of the gay couple was dying and they went to court to get the other partner listed as spouse on the death certificate for benefit purposes.  A liberal judge agreed and granted their wish.  The Ohio State Attorney General is appealing that court decision.

Now there is another couple in Ohio that have filed a lawsuit over their same-sex marriage.  The lesbian couple was legally married in Massachusetts and now one of them is pregnant through artificial insemination.  They are suing to get the non-pregnant partner listed on the child’s birth certificate so she will have full legal parental rights.

My answer to them is that they knew same-sex marriage is not legal or recognized in Ohio and if it’s that important to them then they should move to Massachusetts or some other state where it is legal instead of changing the laws approved by the majority of people in Ohio.  The rights of the two should NOT outweigh the rights of the many, but that’s what’s happening in our country today.

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Gay rights activists are using the argument that all states should legally recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states where they are legal simply because it was a legal wedding where performed.

Then based on that logic, shouldn’t all states then be forced to legally recognize the conceal carry permits from other states where they were legally issued?

Case in point is what happened to Ryan Jerome in New York several years ago.  Jerome is a jeweler and former Marine who lives and works in Indiana.  He has a conceal carry permit to allow him to protect himself since he sometimes carries thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and jewelry with him.

Jerome arranged a business meeting in New York City.  Before traveling to the Big Apple with his $15,000 worth of jewelry, he searched online to see if New York would recognize his Indiana conceal carry permit.  The website he found said they did, so he packed his loaded handgun and took it with him.  Upon entering the Empire State Building for his business meeting, Jerome voluntarily offered his gun to be checked with the security officers at the entrance.  He also presented his Indiana conceal carry permit, but soon found himself under arrest for violating New York’s gun laws.

It was then that he learned that New York does not recognize the conceal carry permits from other states. The charges against him were felony charges that carried a minimum of 3 ½ years up to a maximum of 15 years in prison.  Gun advocates from across the nation protested, but the Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the most anti-gun people in America insisted that the case against Jerome would stand.  This was at a time when Bloomberg was spending millions of his own dollars to push for strict gun-control laws in a number of states.

Jerome at first wanted his case to go to trial, but realized that he stood little chance of winning his case.  He eventually agreed to a plea bargain that reduced the charge to a misdemeanor weapons possession charge.  The plea deal ordered him to 10 days of community service near his home in Indiana and he has to pay a $1,000 fine.

After the incident with Jerome in New York City, the US House of Representatives passed HB 822 (National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011) that would require all states to honor the concealed carry permits issued by other states.  However, the Democratic controlled Senate refused to pass the bill.

Both issues boil down to forcing other states to recognize the laws of other states.  When it comes to same-sex marriage, liberals will fight and seem to be winning their cases in court to force other states to recognize their marriages from another state.  But when it comes to issues involving gun rights like conceal carry permits, liberals fight against having to recognize the laws of other states and the liberal courts side with the liberals.

Thus we see another example of the hypocrisy of the liberals when it comes to forcing all states to recognize the laws of other states.  It’s purely a one way street with them and yet they are the ones that complain about conservatives not wanting to compromise and work them.

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