Sexually Laced Profanity Assignment Given to Middle School Students

Parents in Florence, Arizona became outraged when they learned that their 13 year old kids were given a poetry assignment laced with sexually explicit language and profanity.

Most of you are parents and I’m curious how you would react to learn that you child or children were given an assignment that contained the lyrics to an X-rated rapper’s hit? The students were asked to identify similes, metaphors and other grammatical structures related to poetry.

The lyrics were from rapper Ice Cube’s Who’s the Mack, which the teacher played for the students in class. The lyrics talk about a pimp looking for girls to prostitute. In addition to using the ‘F’ word, it describes oral sex and degrades women by using the term ‘bitch.’ It’s also racially charged by using the ‘N’ word to describe blacks.

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There are thousands of poems that are not sexually explicit or profanity laced or racially and sexually demeaning and insulting, that could have been used for the lesson. One has to wonder why this unidentified teacher chose that particular piece of trash for the poetry assignment. Teachers in the school district submit their weekly lesson plans a week in advance for review and this teacher failed to list that rap as part of the lesson plan.

When the parents found out they were outraged. Sam Washburn, a parent of a student discovered the assignment in his daughter’s backpack. Even though the ‘F’ word had been blacked out, he was livid over the theme of prostitution and use of other profanity so he notified the local media and told them:

“You just kind of take for granted your 13-year-old daughter’s got curriculum at school that’s appropriate for school and come to find out that’s not the case at all.”

Washburn’s daughter told the news that she felt violated by the assignment but completed it anyway to avoid a bad grade and losing her place on the student council.

Carrie Scott, the parent of an eighth grade student told the local media:

“What the hell was he thinking? It was horrifying. It was a nightmare. How do you grade this? How do you grade a 13-year-old talking about sexual requests for money?”

“I believe a teacher is paid to teach my child how to read and write and do math and learn history. It’s my job as a parent if I want to teach them the lessons about pimps and hookers. That’s my job. That’s not their job to expose my children to explicit music or lyrics.”

A number of parents took to Facebook to expose the teacher’s profane and inappropriate assignment, many of them calling for the immediate firing of the teacher. They social media outcry compelled officials at the Florence Unified School District Office to look into the matter. On the district’s Facebook page, they posted:

“Florence K-8 was notified over the weekend of an alleged inappropriate song being used by a teacher as a class assignment. Our administrative team at Florence K-8 acted quickly to investigate the claim and found the song and assignment to be inappropriate. The Florence Unified School District Office was notified and the teacher was reassigned to home pending a thorough investigation. Appropriate action will be taken in accordance with district policy to ensure professional conduct in all our faculty and staff. We assure you that the safety and well-being of our students is our priority.”

Richard Franco, spokesman for the Florence school district told the media:

“The language is the biggest issue. It’s not something that’s part of our curriculum in any way, shape or form and it’s not something that our district condones being taught in our classes.”

What happened in the desert schools of Arizona is also happening in schools all over the nation. Common Core has profanity and sexually explicit books on their high school recommended reading list. These books not only use profanity or discuss sexually explicit acts they glorify rape, incest and pedophilia. Many schools have books supporting and even recommending homosexuality in their libraries and classrooms for students as young as kindergarten.

If your kids are in public school, be like Carrie Scott and check your child’s backpack. You are ultimately responsible for your child’s education and if you don’t keep track of what they are being taught, you are turning them over to a very liberal and progressive agenda to turn them into loyal followers of our socialist government. You need to get involved with their education and demand to know what they are being taught and if you find inappropriate and offensive material you need to take immediate action to save and protect your child before it’s too late.

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