Shadow of ISIS Reaches Out to L.A. Schools

In a move that probably overjoyed most of the kids in Los Angeles, a threat purported to be from jihadis persuaded officials on Tuesday to shut down the entire Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest district in the country.

Officials in the first largest school district, in New York, received the same threat but decided it was a hoax and held school as normal.

Within minutes of the news of L.A. schools’ closure, ISIS opened an online forum title “Panic in the American Los Angeles.”

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Reading the forum is a bit like watching cannibals dance around the barbecue pit; the users gloated, but so far ISIS hasn’t actually claimed credit.

“Thanks God, they are panicked of everything. The soldiers of the Caliphate will look after you until the world will be under the rule of Allah,” said one post.

Over on Twitter, the ghouls were equally happy, with one typical Islamic twit tweeting, “The city of Los Angeles is closing schools and vital areas because of the security threat. Oh God, destroy the worshipers of the cross.”

Etc. ad nauseum.

The decision to close or not close schools wasn’t exactly scientific, with LAUSD officials deeming the email threat credible based on its tone. One story suggested that New York school officials dismissed the threat because the word “Allah” was not capitalized.

That’s pretty thin to hinge children’s safety on a typo. Yet, that’s the sort of difficult call school security officials sometimes need to make.

Closure of schools in L.A. occurred at just about the worst possible time, after parents and school buses had begun dropping off kids for the day. Some 640,000 kids had to return home.

The threat was determined by about midday to be a hoax, but too late to reopen schools.

Congressman Brad Sherman read the original threat and said on Tuesday morning, “The author claims to be an extremist Muslim who has teamed up with local jihadists. We do not know whether these claims are true or a lie. We do not know whether this email is from a devout Muslim who supports jihadists or perhaps a non-Muslim with a different agenda.”

Parts of Los Angeles are not far from San Bernardino, where two Islamist cretins killed 14 people a couple of weeks ago, so it’s understandable if people remain on edge. And when it comes to children, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

This is the world we live in now, and instead of pointing fingers at school officials or even at whatever jerk sent the threatening email, we should be looking at the White House.

After all, that’s the residence of the guy who came into office promising to end all wars and stop the seas from rising, yet under his watch, Islamists have run amok because he refuses to take the threat seriously.

President Obama can issue all the platitudes he wants and claim a thousand times that ISIS is under control, but reality will prove him a liar again and again.

Completely disregarding all reality and heedless of the Islamic threat that is already here in this country, Obama forges ahead with plans to import phony “refugees.”

Meanwhile, Americans have to live literally in the grip of fear of Islam.

This is what voting for a socialist community organizer and Muslim sympathizer gets you.

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