Shame on Florida for Being so Gullible

Do Floridians have any clue as to how gullible they are?

Shortly after the South Carolina primary, Mitt Romney had a fairly narrow lead over Newt Gingrich in Florida for the Republican presidential nomination.  In a number of ways, Gingrich had the momentum going into Florida.

Then Mitt Romney spends $16 million in advertising that was primarily negative ads aimed at Gingrich.  They attacked Gingrich’s personal and professional ethics with the purpose of undermining his integrity.  The people of Florida need to ask themselves if they really want a President that is so busy attacking his adversaries than he does on the issues.

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Very few of Romney’s ads dealt with the real issues facing the nation.  It seemed that Gingrich’s marriages were more important to Romney than America’s failing economy.  Romney’s ads made Gingrich’s connection to Freddie Mac (ignoring his own staff’s connections to the same) more important than our dismal job market.

And it seems the people of Florida lacked the discernment to see what Romney was doing.  They failed to ask Romney about his own background such as his time with Bain Capital, or Romneycare which is eerily similar to Obamacare, or how he supported Planned Parenthood and abortion, up until the current election.

Floridians failed to ask why the media is so pro-Romney and anti-Gingrich and Ron Paul.  Florida Republicans didn’t ask why the media came down on Gingrich for questioning Romney’s honesty and integrity while at the same time remaining silent about Romney’s $16 million attack of Gingrich.

The media is well known to be as liberal as can be which is why they have long provided positive press for Democrats while they continually give negative press for Republicans.  Floridians failed to see that the reason the media has been so pro-Romney is that he is nearly as liberal as Obama.

Let’s face it folks, Floridians just flat need to be ashamed of themselves for being so gullible to such negative politics.

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