Sharia Law at Heart of America’s Current Civil Rights Movement

Did you know that under Sharia law, when President Obama officially apologized for the accidental burning of Qurans, that the Muslim extremists are obligated to double their efforts to bring us under their control?  They view it as a sign of weakness and our inevitable submission to Islam.

And it is the same Sharia law that is now at the heart of the nation’s number one civil rights movement.  At stake are the rights and freedoms of women, children, people of other religions and non-Muslim minorities.  There are even a number of Muslims that have come to America to escape the abusive tyranny of Sharia law and they too will have their civil rights put to the test if things continue as they are.

Sharia law pure and simple is a domineering system of law that is grounded in the hatred of women and intolerance of anyone that is not Muslim.  It is a social and religious blight in every country it has raised its ugly head.

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Ironically, those of us that are making an effort to preserve our constitutional rights, the rights of women, children and non-Muslims, are being labeled as intolerant bigots, racists and Islamphobes.  Just last week a Pennsylvania judge scolded the victim of an assault as being intolerant, insensitive and offensive to Islam while at the same time dismissing charges against the Muslim who attacked him.

In the instance of the accidental burning of copies of the Quran by US soldiers, all the world heard was that American soldiers burned Qurans.  What the world didn’t hear is that many of the Qurans that were burned had been defaced by captured Islamic jihadists for the sole purpose of creating a hostile and violent reaction among fellow Muslims.  They also didn’t hear that there were also a number of Bibles that were burned at the same time.  But the world does not care about the Christian holy book, just the Islamic one.

Just like homosexuals who have been fighting for extra privileges above and beyond what the normal citizens have, Muslims are also waging a civil rights cause to change local, state and federal laws to match their own.  They don’t want our America, they want THEIR America and they are well on their way of getting it.

Martin Luther King Jr and his followers took their civil rights movement to the public.  They made their voices heard from coast to coast.  But the Sharia civil rights movement is being kept quiet.  It is being handled in the local courts around the nation.  The Obama administration has placed a number of Muslims on the judicial benches of our land and they are making more and more legal rulings based on Sharia law and not on American law.

So whether you realize it or not, all of our civil rights are being threatened at an alarming rate and it is being carried out from the White House to the local court house.  And the only way to stop it is to chop off its head by getting rid of the nation’s top radical Islamic extremist, President Barack Obama, and his Muslim buddies in the November election and replace them with men and women who value our civil rights and defend them to the end.

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