Sheriff Joe Accuses Republican Presidential Candidates of Hiding From Obama’s Eligibility Issue

When Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced the findings of his Cold Case Posse investigation into the birth certificate of Barack Obama, he stated that he wasn’t sure who to take the evidence to.  He indirectly hinted that it would do no good to take it to the US Attorney General and the Department of Justice as they would probably bury the information to protect Obama.  He also suggested that Congress should take up the matter, especially since there is strong evidence that the birth certificate produced last April by the White House is a forgery and that Barack Hussein Obama may not be eligible to hold the office of President.

However, no one on Capitol Hill is talking about the birth certificate and Obama’s eligibility and Sheriff Joe is asking why.  As reported by WND and other sources, Arpaio spoke with Aaron Klein on New York’s WABC Radio over the weekend and told listeners that everyone seems to be hiding from the issue.  Arpaio said that he has met with all of the Republican presidential candidates and shown them the evidence, but none of them have said a word about it.  He said they are hiding from the issue.

What also frustrates Arpaio is that those representing Arizona in Washington DC are also remaining quiet on the issue.  This includes Senators McCain and Kyl.

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And Sheriff Joe is asking WHY is everyone hiding and not saying or doing anything about it?  This is potentially the greatest fraud in the history of the entire world and no one seems willing to touch it.

As I read the reports of Arpaio’s frustration, I can’t help but wonder if the GOP presidential candidates and fellow members of Congress are afraid of what will happen to them if they do.  I’m not talking about being afraid of voters or their political careers, but afraid for themselves and their families.  I have no evidence to support my suspicion except the reported threat against Chelsea Clinton in 2008 to keep Bill Clinton from saying anything about Obama’s eligibility.

Mind you I am not accusing President Obama of anything.  However, we all know that there are some very wealthy and powerful people behind the president that have questionable reputations of their own.  If these influential puppeteers can orchestrate the rags to White House of a foreign born student, then it may not be so out of character for them to exert pressures and influences on others in Washington to secure their silence.

It may not be a case of Republicans hiding from the issue, but too afraid to tackle it for fear of hidden retribution.  Mind you, this is just my opinion and again, I have no concrete evidence to support it, just a lot of following trails to places they don’t want us to follow.

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