Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “Biggest Censorship Blackout in the History of the United States”

As most of you should know by now, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse, on March 1st, released the results of the investigation on the eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of President of the United States.

What many people may not realize is that his initial instructions to the Cold Case Posse was to prove that Obama is legally eligible to hold the office.  He did not set out to unseat the president but to help resolve the controversy of his eligibility at the request of a group of voters in his county.  He told them,

“I want you to do a good job. I hope we clear the president.”

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However the Cold Case Posse was unable to verify Obama’s birth certificate or his being born in the US.  In a recent interview he explained,

“I said give me the microfiche in Hawaii to show that he was born in that hospital. Give us the microfiche.   I said that six months ago. And that would clear everything up. But as we went into it with an open mind, now we’re coming to a conclusion that we may have some forged documents revolving around this situation.”

In the three weeks since the announcement, the media has all but ignored what could be the biggest news story of the century.  Arpaio says he is surprised by the media’s silence on the issue when he described it as,

“Probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States.”

As I was reading the news account of Arpaio’s statement on the censorship, I was watching the national news and for the second day in a row heard them reporting about fake Avastin hitting the US.  I stopped and thought to myself that a fake drug that could affect thousands of Americans makes the national network news two days in a row while a fake birth certificate that could affect over 300 million is barely worth mentioning.

Arpaio couldn’t be more right when he said this is the greatest media censorship in US history.  It also demonstrates just how liberal and Obama supportive the mainstream media is.  They’re not just partners with the Democratic political machine, they’ve climbed all the way into bed with them and carrying on relations that I’d rather not mention.

I wonder just how many American’s know nothing about Arpaio’s investigation and findings since many are too lazy and too undiscerning to look for alternative news sources.  I also wonder what would happen if it did hit the national news on every major station and newspaper?  I’ve already heard of one Democrat that has filed suit to remove Obama from the Florida ballot.  If everyone in the nation heard or read Arpaio’s report, I wouldn’t be surprised to see lawsuits in every state and some territories to keep him off ballots.

It seems Congress is not wanting to act on the findings so that leaves it up to us Americans to spread the news about the forged birth certificate and Selective Service card and do whatever we can to keep him off the ballots in as many locations as possible.

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