Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says Obama’s Dumping of Illegals in AZ is Intentional

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the expected 60,000 illegal unaccompanied children that are flooding into the United States. A large number of these illegals are being shipped from the border in Texas to federal holding facilities in Arizona.

The problem is that the feds were not prepared for this many kids and they are running out of supplies, including the medical supplies necessary to treat and vaccinate. So Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was asked to rush supplies to the Nogales location to compensate for the ineptness of the federal government because the conditions at the detention center were so dire.

The shipping of illegal children to Arizona goes along with the shipping of thousands of illegal adults to the state that started a month ago. The last thing Arizona needs is more illegals shipped into their state. The adult illegals are being dropped off at bus stations in Phoenix.

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Brewer sent a letter to president Obama last Monday demanding the program be stopped immediately. She blasted Obama for not informing state authorities of the program that she described as dangerous and unconscionable.

To no surprise, she has not received a response from Obama and illegals are still being transported to Phoenix bus stops and let go.

Now Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is speaking out about Obama’s dumping of illegals into Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county with a resident population of nearly 4 million people. In a recent interview with Rusty Humphries of The Washington Times, Arpaio blasted Obama for his immigration policies and says that he thinks it’s an affront to him and that it is being done intentionally because of Arpaio’s attacks on Obama in the past.

It was Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse that conducted an investigation into Obama’s birth certificate and Social Security number. They found overwhelming evidence to prove that the documents made public by the White House were poorly made forgeries and that whoever was involved with them is guilty of fraud against the American people.

When Arpaio would not back off of his investigation and testimony in several court cases against Obama’s eligibility, the Justice Department launched an attack on Arpaio legally and illegally. They filed lawsuits claiming that his sheriff’s department was guilty of racial profiling. In the end, they stripped the Maricopa Sheriff’s Department of their legal authority to enforce immigration laws and convinced the court to appoint a monitor to watch everything the department does to make sure they are not racially profiling.

Let me ask you this: when over 90% of the illegal trafficking in drugs and people are Hispanic, how do you not racially profile? The sheriff’s department would be derelict of their duty if they focused equally on whites, blacks or American Indians. But that doesn’t matter to Obama’s puppet, Eric Holder.

Part of the interview with Russ Humphries and Joe Arpaio went like this:

Russ: We have a real serious problem going on in Arizona where the federal government is just dumping illegal immigrants and coincidentally, of all the counties on the planet, of all the counties in the United States they just happen to dump them in your country. What’s going on here? What’s the truth?

Arpaio: Well, that’s a good point. It’s kind of an affront. You know that we are high profile Arizona on illegal immigration. I’m a high profile guy, like the poster boy, especially with the Department of Justice and the White House. It’s strange what’s happening, um, I’ve got my own theory. I think the White House is sometimes incompetent, but I can’t imagine them doing this without realizing there is going to be controversy.

Humphries: That’s my question. They can’t be stupid. I mean there certain things that we may disagree with politically, but there are long term ramifications for allowing this many people illegally into our country. What do you think the reasoning is?

Arpaio: I think they want controversy. I believe that this is leading to another executive decision by the president, especially if Congress doesn’t look at this problem, so maybe he’s trying to get the controversy so Congress will do something.

Humphries: Is this just about votes for him? About getting more Democrats into our country?

Arpaio: Oh, I don’t know if that’s the main reason regarding his policies and homeland security, but you know they do have to pacify the Hispanic community. We know that, so it is about the politics…

Humphries: Let’s get the politics out of it for just a second. You’re the guy that not only been sheriff of Maricopa County, but you also had another job where you worked on the border for years. Is that correct?

Arpaio: Thank you asking because I was the regional director of Mexico City and South America, and also as head of the federal drug enforcement in Texas, head of the federal drug enforcement in Arizona on different assignments, so I think I know where the Mexican US border….

Humphries: Let’s talk about what’s going on right now, because this is concerning. The rumor that’s go in South and Central America is if you’re a kid and you cross the border, you’re gonna be okay, you can be a citizen, they’re gonna take care of yam. It’s almost the message that president Obama’s been saying without saying it, so they’ve been listening to the president. How is this manifesting itself? What are you seeing on the ground here?

Arpaio: I don’t think we’re getting the full story. We know that. They told the media they can’t show up. Law enforcement can’t show up at Nogales. Why are they hiding the kids from the media? Well, I think I have a theory here. I don’t think they’re all young kids. I bet they’re 16, 17 years old. How do we know they’re not members of a gang coming across? What’s gonna happen to these people? They’re gonna go across the United State, somewhat like amnesty, 60,000 coming in, flooding our country when they should be, when they’re caught give them a free ride back to where they came from? No, they’re sending these people to New York and everywhere in the United States so there’s a reason behind it. It’s not humanity, come on…But what’s the real reason that they’re flooding this country? So it’s gonna have to iron out and one day we’ll get the trust. Let me tell you what I’ve done … I’ve sent out four press releases around the world, four, recently, because I’ve said that I’m checking everybody in my jail, which averages about 8,500 a day and I want to see people charged with state crimes, here illegally, how many times they’ve come back to jail. So we have 33%, 2,400 people that have been in our jails for illegal offenses and they happen to be illegal aliens. So we have shown that they come back to jail, sometimes 10, 15 times when we turn them over to the government. They keep coming back on serious crimes, violating their own criteria, where they should be deported. There’s only 2 explanations. They’re letting these people out the back door on our streets or they are deporting them and they keep coming back across the border.

Humphries: How do we stop it then? You’re the toughest sheriff in the country.

Arpaio: You know, I’m gonna keep taking surveys every month. I will keep doing it. We’ll keep going to the media. I wrote to the new Secretary of Homeland Security and of course, he gives it to the ICE who some guy writes a letter, a bureaucratic letter. I want an investigation. I gave them all the names of the people that have been turned over to ICE and keep coming back. So I would like to know why they keep coming back to jail on various state charges and I don’t get an answer. I don’t even get anything from media. This is important. Everybody talks about 36,000 people have been released, all the politicians, I got the proof. I get frustrated sometimes. Anything that has to do with illegal immigration it seems that it’s a blackout sometimes, especially with me.

Humphries: How frustrating is it, I mean you’re a human being, you’re a tough guy but you’re a human being where you’re doing what you were elected to do, you are following the laws and yet the federal government are the ones that are not just breaking the laws but allowing others to do so?

Arpaio: You know what’s sad, look at my career over 55 years in law enforcement, and by the way, I just turned 82 for all those critics out there on flag day and I was locking up deadbeat dads on my birthday, but what’s sad is my whole life, 30 years of it dedicated as a federal agent, a federal official in the hills of Turkey, the Middle East, Mexico and all over the country fighting the drug traffic, a member of the Department of Justice and here I am trying to do my job of trying to help the federal government and I’m the guy they’re going after. That’s sad in a way but you know what? It doesn’t bother me. Actually I love challenges and the more they go after me the more happy I am and I’m not going to surrender.

Watch the full interview in the video below.

Listening to Sheriff Joe talk about his background as a federal law enforcement officer fighting drug trafficking for so many years, you would expect the feds to seek his help and advice instead of attacking him every way they can. The dumping of thousands of illegals into Arizona seems obviously aimed at Arpaio simply because had the gall to question Obama’s legitimacy. It also demonstrates that the White House and the Justice Department are not concerned about the laws or justice. They openly disregard both and attack those who stand to uphold them.

Yet our spineless Congress just sits back and lets them get away with all of it. No wonder the public approval for Congress has dipped below 10% since Obama assumed his role as Dictator of the United States.

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