Sheriff Joe Still under Attack by Obama for Doing His Job

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona was the only official in the entire nation that had the guts and integrity to legally question Barack Hussein Obama’s qualifications to be president. After a group of several hundred citizens petitioned Arpaio to investigate Obama’s birth certificate, the sheriff came under immediate attack from the White House. Obama charged US Attorney General Eric Holder to silence Arpaio one way or another.

Holder followed his master’s orders and went after Arpaio like a pitbull after a helpless child; only Arpaio is not a helpless child. He stood his ground and fought back. Holder responded by attacking Arpaio’s department on their enforcement of immigration laws and their fight against human and drug trafficking. Knowing that over 90% of the illegal drug and human trafficking in his county was conducted by criminals of Hispanic ethnicity, Holder charged Arpaio with racial profiling. Somehow he claimed it was illegal for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department to focus their attention on the people committing 90% of these crimes.

The Justice Department found a liberal judge to hear the case against Arpaio and his department and that judge followed his instructions and found Arpaio and his department guilty of racial profiling. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department was stripped of their authority to enforce federal immigration laws and the court appointed a monitor to watch over everything the department did.

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Holder and Obama thought that Arpaio would lose the 2014 election and that the newly elected sheriff would be someone they could control. With that, all of the investigation into Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate, Selective Service Card and Social Security Number would all go away.

However, Arpaio handily won re-election. He again took an oath to enforce the laws of his county and the state of Arizona and to protect the counties 4 million citizens as best the sheriff’s department can. That infuriated the White House and Justice Department and with the help of the court appointed monitor, Arpaio was charged with civil contempt of the court orders placed upon him and his department.

Arpaio has long stood strong and proud in his fight against the most corrupt administration in American history, but in the court hearing this week, the 82 year old sheriff seems to be tiring of the federal attacks constantly being waged against him. He sat slumped down in his chair, very out of character for America’s favorite sheriff. When he spoke, he was more subdued than normal.

In court, Arpaio said that he was not fully aware of all of the aspects of the injunction that had been placed against him. He told them:

“I delegated this court order to my subordinates and also to my counsel that represented me.”

However, both Arpaio and Jerry Sheridan, his top aide, admitted to the contempt of the court charges, but explained it as internal neglect more than a willful act. Arpaio’s attorneys are trying to argue that the acts resulting in the contempt charges were more a lack of organization within the sheriff’s department.

It saddens me to see just how far our ruthless and corrupt White House occupant has gone to protect and hide the truth about his background. The trial isn’t over, but many think that Arpaio will be found guilty of the civil contempt charges and could even face criminal charges that could end his career.

Arpaio has an impressive law enforcement career with both the federal government and Maricopa County. He has spent his entire life risking his life and serving his nation and people only to be beaten down and destroyed because he did his job with integrity and pride. Drug cartels have placed a $4 million bounty on Arpaio’s life, but that did not keep him from doing the job he was elected to do. He faced a slanderous recall election and the citizens of Maricopa County voted to keep him in office because of the excellent job he was doing. Arpaio is loved and admired by so many Arizonans that many have urged him to run for governor and even president.

Now he’s on the verge of losing everything because of a vengeful person who illegally works in the Oval Office and will destroy anyone who questions him or stands in his way. It should be Obama on trial for violating the Constitution, federal laws and many state laws and for treason against the United States for aiding and abetting our enemies. The best lawman in the land is being destroyed by the most corrupt and dangerous criminal in the land. Truly American justice has gone to hell in a handbag ever since Obama assumed office.

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