Sheriffs Plan to Defend Constitution Against Administration

In the grand tradition of the Old West, many of America’s sheriffs are making plans to stand up to the Obama Administration and defend the Constitution, should current trends lead to that pass.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association will be meeting May 31-June 1 in St. Charles, Missouri, for its Heartland of America conference.

Organizers of the conference say their members recognize that local sheriffs may be the last line of defense for citizens against federal overreach that violates the Constitution.

“We are going to train and vet them all, state by state, to understand and enforce the constitutionally protected rights of the people they serve, with an emphasis on state sovereignty and local autonomy,” said CSPOA Executive Director Sheriff Richard Mack. “Then these local governments will issue our new Declaration to the Federal Government regarding the abuses that we will no longer tolerate or accept. Said declaration will be enforced by our Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers. In short, the CSPOA will be the army to set our nation free.

That last sentence is important.

The Obama Administration since Day One has tried to paint conservatives and believers in the Constitution as some sort of threat to the country. Conservatives have known since the Man Who Would Be King first stepped into the Oval Office that we were being targeted by this Administration.

All along, our concerns about the Obama Administration’s illegal actions have been pooh-poohed by the media and the Left because Obama could do no wrong.

But the current spate of scandals proves that we were right all along, and as this Administration continues to spin and evade, more and more people are coming to understand the depth of the villainy coming out of the Executive Branch.

The CSPOA is one result. The corruption of Obama and his underlings is finally creating the thing they’ve claimed to be in fear of all along: an independent army to protect the citizens.

Police Chief Larry Kirk of Old Monroe, Missouri, told WorldNet Daily, “In the past few years we have seen many of the citizens of this country become concerned over the direction it has taken. We have watched personal rights being eroded and a disconnect developing between citizens and officers working in law enforcement. … The people of my state are seeing the overreach of government at the federal level and want to know where their sheriffs will stand.”

I applaud the sheriffs for their commitment to upholding their oaths to defend the Constitution, and I’m sure that as professional lawmen they are equally committed to avoiding violence if at all possible.

But we need to be clear, we’re seeing the formation of an armed force of professional lawmen who believe they may need to confront the federal government to protect their communities.

And it is nobody’s fault but that of the people leading the Obama Administration and its many agencies. It is their paranoia, their lack of respect for the Constitution and their arrogance toward conservative Americans that has led to this inevitable development.

The actions of the Obama Administration have made many ordinary Americans feel that there is a day coming soon when they will have to do whatever it takes to protect themselves, their families and their communities against the federal government.

Instead of the usual complaining, vilifying and name-calling of conservatives, smart liberals might want to try shutting their mouths for a change and listening before they push this country over the brink.

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