Sherriff Joe Demands to See Obama Birth Certificate Documentation

I lived in Arizona for many years and am well familiar with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Maricopa County includes the greater Phoenix area and has a population of just over 4 million people.

Sheriff Arpaio is a no nonsense law enforcement leader that has been extremely tough on criminals and those in the jails.  He gained national fame when a judge ordered him to release a number of prisoners because of overcrowding.  Instead of releasing them, he erected a tent city on the jail grounds and moved a number of prisoners outside into the summer heat.  He also removed many of the luxuries from the county jails such as cable TV and porn magazines.  Needing to keep the prisoners active, he placed many of them on chain gangs cleaning up the roads, highways and parks in the county.  At one point, it was reported that his department was spending more money per day to feed a guard dog than what it cost to feed a prisoner.

Sheriff Joe is also friends with retired Graham County (AZ) Sheriff Richard Mack who won a case in the US Supreme Court.  The Court ruled that the county sheriff is the top legal authority in their county and even have jurisdiction over federal officers.

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In order for anyone to be placed on an election ballot in Maricopa County, they must provide the proper documentation to prove that they meet the eligibility requirements, and that includes anyone running for the office of President of the United States.  In other words, Sheriff Joe, the ultimate authority in the county has to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of Obama’s birth status before his name will be placed on the 2012 ballot in this heavily populated county.

Not satisfied with the several different versions of Obama birth certificates released by the White House, Sheriff Joe launched an official investigation, run by his Cold Case Posse.  Their task is to determine the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to run for the office of president.  At this point in the investigation, the Posse has studied all three of the different birth certificates and they are not satisfied as to their authenticity.

Sheriff Joe is now demanding to see the original microfilm that is supposed to contain Obama’s original birth certificate.  He contends that if Obama’s birth record is on the same roll of microfilm as other births that took place in the same hospital at the same time, and the age and authenticity of the microfilm can be verified, then this will end all of the controversy that has been flying around over the past three years.  If the record is not there on the microfilm with the others, then this will verify that the other records released by the White House are forgeries and that he is not eligible to hold the office of president.

The next move is up to the White House and the State of Hawaii.  If the President has nothing to hide, then you would expect him to readily open up the microfilm records to scrutiny and end the whole birther issue.  But if he refuses to do so, as he has for the past 3 years, then one must wonder what he is trying to hide.

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