SHOCKER: It Was Not the Russians Who Hacked Hillary’s Servers, It Was the Chinese

Once again we see the utter destruction of the liberal media’s narrative about “Russia, Russia, Russia” with news that it was not the Russians that hacked Hillary’s email server. Turns out it was the Chinese.

The media has been giddy over claims that the Russians hacked into the Democrats’ computer systems to steal info to hurt the liberals in the 2016 election. The left has also claimed that the same Russians hackers may have attacked Hillary Clinton’s illicit private email server she used for email communications when she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

The liberal media has constructed this narrative that the Russians worked to get Donald Trump elected and therefore Trump’s presidency is somehow illegitimate.

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But yet another brick has fallen out of the media’s rickety edifice. We have just learned that it was the Chinese, not the Russians who hacked Hillary’s servers.

Per Nick Arama:

According to sources who spoke to the DCNF, the Chinese embedded code into Clinton’s server which she kept in her house in Chappaqua and once described as ‘secure’ because there were Secret Service people protecting her husband at the residence. The code duplicated the information and sent it to a Chinese company as part of an intelligence operation.

There had been prior indications before the DCNF report that her server had been compromised.

Rep. Louie Gohmert revealed in a House Judiciary Committee meeting in July that Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found virtually all Clinton’s emails had been sent to a “foreign entity” although he didn’t identify the country.

According to an intelligence officer who spoke anonymously to the DCNF, the FBI had been advised about of intrusion by the ICIG multiple times.

Gohmert confirmed that Peter Strzok, who was the top counter-intelligence person, and three other top FBI officials had been informed there was an anomaly on the server. Gohmert said Strzok had been informed of the intrusion but he didn’t act upon the information.

The intelligence officer told the DCNF that the ICIG found the anomaly in early 2015 and then found the embedded surprise.

A government staff official familiar with the ICIG’s findings told TheDCNF that the Chinese company involved acted as a “front group” for the Chinese government.

Nick has much more at his post on the issue, but it just goes to show that the media is spinning a false story backed up by no facts whatsoever all in an effort to destroy President Donald Trump.

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