Should America Take In Thousands of Refugees Fleeing ISIS?

I was watching the national news this morning like I often do when I saw a story about the argument of whether or not the United States should take in or keep out the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing ISIS. Many of the refugees are from Syria and the surrounding area. They are fleeing the violence, brutality and extremism of the Islamic State terrorists.

The argument being waged now is whether or not the US should open its doors to these thousands of refugees, most of which are Muslim.

One side of the argument claims that America should take them in as a humanitarian act. I even heard one person use the example of the early colonists fleeing religious persecution when they came here hundreds of years ago.

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The other side of the argument says that first, it’s not our job to accept every refugee from every oppressed nation. They pointed out that we didn’t take in refugees from Nigeria or the Sudan when they were fleeing persecution. Secondly, they claim that it’s far too easy for members of ISIS or any other radical Islamic group to hide amongst the refugees in order to bring their acts of violence and barbarism to our nation.

What will Barack Hussein Obama do? His administration had opened the southern border to tens of thousands of illegals who had been taught to claim to be refugees from their homes and wanting asylum in the United States. There is a plethora of evidence that shows that illegals learned that they could get into and stay in the US if they used the refugee ruse.

The Obama administration has also left our southern border wide open to any terrorist who wants into the country. Even after evidence had been provided that ISIS had been in communication with some of the Mexican drug cartels about access highways into the US, Obama took no action to secure the border. It was more important for Obama to allow millions of illegal Democratic voters to enter the country than to protect the nation from a growing and eminent terrorist threat.

The Obama administration has also been working hard to allow tens of thousands of Muslim to immigrate into the United States. They are also working to increase the number of special H1-B visas to allow more foreigners to take the jobs of Americans. If you don’t believe that, just look at what’s going on now at Southern California Edison.

Barack Obama and his administration have no regard or respect for the American people or for the America we all know and love. They have repeatedly taken measures to turn our nation over to foreigners and turn it into a socialist nation. Based upon their track record, it would not surprise me to see them open the doors to the tens of thousands of refugees claiming to be fleeing ISIS violence. They will see them as more Democratic voters and increasing the Muslim population in country. It will cost taxpayers millions of dollars to bring the refugees here and get them housed and established. It will also cost us millions of dollars in additional welfare and other benefits.

It may also cost us our lives at the hands of the terrorists hidden amongst the refugees. But that’s not a concern for Obama. It’s only a concern for loyal hard working American citizens like you and me.

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