Should Christians Start Protesting and Rioting Like the Muslims Do?

Have you noticed that ever since Barack Obama took office as President, that the only people he pays attention to, besides ethnic and lower class, are those that protest and riot every chance they get?

The gay rights groups across the nation held one protest after another.  They filed one lawsuit after another.  Obama listened to them and his poor little heart felt their pain and agony, so he caved in and supported their cause.

Muslims, here in the U.S. and abroad, protest, riot and threaten violence.  They are starting to file one lawsuit after another.  Obama is listening to them and giving in to their demands.  He is apologizing to them for the terrible way they are being treated and for someone daring to defame their religion or prophet.

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Environmentalists are still protesting in different areas of the nation.  They’ve been filing lawsuits for years and have no intention of letting up.  Obama is listening to them.  He is cutting down on coal mining and other forms of fossil fuel.  He is squandering billions of dollars on one failed green energy project after another.

Hispanics are protesting because some of us actually want federal immigration laws upheld.  They have been filing suits of racial profiling and injunctions to stop state immigration laws.  Obama is listening to them.  He just gave nearly 1 million of them a way to remain in the U.S. illegally and to get work permits to take more jobs away from American citizens.

The blacks have been protesting, rioting and attacking whites because of the Trayvon Martin shooting.  They have been filing lawsuits against ‘stand your ground’ laws and gun control.  Obama has been listening to them instead of the evidence.  He is working hard behind closed doors to ban all guns from American ownership.   He is working to restrict the sales of ammunition, especially over the Internet.

In many of these instances, other Americans are losing their rights one after another as Obama caves in to these protests and demonstrations.  Therefore, maybe it’s time for Christians to start protesting every time someone or some group slanders Jesus or the Bible or questions our beliefs.  The next time someone places a cross in a glass of urine, Christians needs to protest outside the house of the artist and the art gallery where it is on display.

The next time someone produces a movie that insults Jesus or Christianity, such as the Da Vinci Code or The Last Temptation of Christ, Christians should storm the studios that produced the move, the author of the book or screen play and every theater that shows the blasphemy.

The next time someone tells a student that they can’t pray or mention Jesus or God in school, Christians need to swarm around the school and protest and yell for our rights that are being shredded away by others.

The next time a city or state building is told to remove the Ten Commandments, Christians need to swarm down on the person(s) making the complaint.

The next time a judge rules using sharia law instead of US. law, Christians and every other American needs to take to the streets and surround the courthouses and demand that U.S. laws be upheld over foreign law.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if Christians started standing up for their rights and making their voices and influence heard, someone may start to listen.  Since the 1960s, it’s been the minority screaming the loudest that gets the most attention and gets their demands.  Christians are supposed to be a majority in America and we act as a majority, we just might be able to make a difference.

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