Should Republicans Shut Down the Federal Government over Planned Parenthood Funding?

This past weekend, I saw an article from a major news network that asked the question of why shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood. They mentioned that it’s all due to conservative Republicans not liking the abortion giant as if the problem was the Republicans and not Planned Parenthood.

Then the article pointed out that Planned Parenthood only gets about $450 million a year from the federal government, most of which comes from Medicaid reimbursements. They spoke as if this was such a paltry sum to quibble about. From most of the figures I’ve seen, Planned Parenthood receives closer to $500 million a year of TAXPAYER money and as a taxpayer, I strongly object to giving my tax dollars to an organization that murders around a million human infants a year.

Then the article asked what does the funding of Planned Parenthood have to do with a government shutdown?

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It’s obvious that the article was written by a liberal with little to no respect for human life, which isn’t surprising since the article was published by a new giant that has also exhibited little to no concern for human life.

The issue isn’t over a measly $450 million to $500 million dollars. The issue is over the premediated murder of human infants. There are around 1 million human lives cut short by abortion every year in the United States. The vast majority of those murders occur in Planned Parenthood clinics, of which they boast to still having nearly 700 bloody clinics operating across the country.

I’ve heard the liberal argument that banning abortion would mean 1 million unwanted children being born every year, many to mothers who cannot afford to care for them. My response is simple – You don’t murder an innocent child because you cannot control your sexual lusts and desires. If you can’t afford to care for a child, then don’t have sex. It’s the same argument of do the crime, serve the time. If you don’t want to serve the time then don’t do the crime. Children are a gift from God and not something to just be discarded because they are an inconvenience.

So let me ask you, is saving the lives of nearly 1 million innocent and helpless children per year worth shutting down the federal government over? Most certainly and if that’s what it takes, then I’m all for it.

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