Is the Shutdown the Next Step to Obama’s Dictatorship?

I am so sick and tired of hearing President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi rant and rave about the Republicans causing the government shutdown.  For the third day in a row, I heard Obama on the morning news say that Congress needs to do their job and pass the spending bill and end the government shutdown.

They are doing their job.  The people that voted for them demanded that they take action to stop Obamacare and that’s exactly what the GOP lawmakers are doing, their jobs.

The truth is the only person right now that can end the government shutdown is Barack Obama!

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The House Republicans have been working long and hard hours, passing bill after bill that would open up most of the government, except Obamacare.  Interestingly, Obamacare is one of the government departments that has NOT shut down.  The GOP has passed measures to fund the military, national parks and many other government departments, but under the orders of Obama, Senate Democrats reject every one of them.

Obama stands up at every microphone he can and emphatically states that he will not negotiate or compromise.  Then he tells the American people that the shutdown is the fault of the Republicans because they are unwilling to compromise.  Rep. Eric Cantor said it best, when he stated that in the five years Obama has been in office, he has always insisted that it’s his way or no way and that this is the attitude that has forced the GOP into the position they are now holding.  It is Obama and he alone that is causing the government shutdown.

I can’t help but think that is exactly what Obama wants.  Say what you want, I believe the sole purpose of Obamacare has nothing to do with medicine or healthcare.  Its purpose is to bleed Americans dry and make them all dependent upon the government, helping Obama to establish his socialist government.  But, that slow process can be expedited if the government is forced to shut down long enough to default on its loans and payments.  If that happens, chances are our international credit rating will be lowered which will cause another recession and possibly the financial collapse of the country.  If that happens, Obama will declare martial law and establish his own socialist government.  He already has a bunch of executive orders in place giving him control of all forms of communication and travel and the economy if there is a declared national emergency.  He’s been tailoring the military leadership with men and women who will fire upon the American people if necessary.  And let’s not forget about the billions of rounds of ammo and thousands of assault weapons being hoarded by the Department of Homeland Security.

I pray this doesn’t happen, but it would not surprise me to see Obama force a full economic government shutdown for the sole purpose of destroying the nation and establishing his dictatorship.  Pray that I’m wrong!

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