Sick New Online Game Challenges Participants to Commit Suicide

A warning has gone out to parents about a new online game that challenges participants to partake in dangerous behavior, including committing suicide. The game, known as the Blue Whale Challenge, is an online game that has been heavily circulating.


Players are assigned challenges that are life threatening, an they must complete them over a 50-day period of time to win. However, don’t let the “game” fool you, because there are no winners.

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While the tasks start off seemingly light hearted and harmless, like watching a scary movie, it escalates rapidly into challenges such as dangling off a roof.  The last challenge to be completed:  Killing yourself.


Abby Deliver, Norchich Superintedent, stated: “What I learned about it, it’s very dangerous, a kind of download for your iPhone which most students have, that once you’re in it, really, it’s hard to get out.”

She continued, “What we did is send messages home to our parents of our middle school students, we don’t have our own high school to tell them about the game to ask them to be watching students iPhone, which we do encourage them to do that anyway.”

According to one report, this game has already taken the life of a teenage boy in Kamukunji, and there have been reports of other suicides linked to it as well.

According to an article by the BBC, reports have been circulating that a series of challenges online in a game called “Blue Whale” have been encouraging players to take their own lives.

In Russia, the BBC said three teenagers’ deaths have been linked to the “Blue Whale” challenge, though reports have not been verified.

The concept behind the game is that players must complete a series of challenges that become increasingly harmful to the players, such as participating in self-harm. The ‘game’ ends with the final challenge of players taking their own lives.

However, the game has not been confirmed as really existing.

The game apparently originates from what the BBC calls an “online pressure group,” which will assign a curator to people participating in the game. The curators will then encourage participants to complete all the challenges required.

The tasks escalate from easy tasks, like watching a scary movie to the final task, which encourages suicide.

The online group associated with the game is said to have thousands of members and subscribers on Facebook and YouTube. Besides originating in Russia, the game has also popped up in Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, France and the UK.

Make sure you are monitoring what your children are playing and who they are talking to online. It may just save their life.

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