Sick Parents Charged After Giving Daughter Away as “Gift”

If you fancy the Game of Thrones, then you know that “gifting” a daughter is a normal practice. However, here in the real world, it is highly frowned upon.

Unfortunately for one little girl in Pennsylvania, this became reality. Her parents gave her away as if she was nothing more than a sexualized toy.

Her and her siblings were allegedly assaulted by a man from Bucks County. Now he and their parents are facing prison time, although prison sounds far too fair for those scumbags.

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Breaking 911 reports:

Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus entered the pleas before a hearing on pretrial motions began in the child-rape prosecution of Lee Kaplan, 52. That hearing continued for the balance of the day.

Savilla Stoltzfus, 43, pleaded guilty to one count of endangering the welfare of children, a felony of the third degree. Daniel Stoltzfus, 44, pleaded no contest to the same charge.

President Judge Jeffrey L. Finley accepted both pleas and deferred sentencing until the time of Kaplan’s trial. The crimes are punishable by up to seven years in prison and a fine of $15,000, although sentencing guidelines call for less severe punishments.

Prosecutors contend that Kaplan befriended the then-Amish family in Lancaster County, supported them financially and steered them away from the Amish way of life. In return, it is alleged, the Stoltzfuses “gifted” Kaplan some of their nine daughters, who went to live with him in the house where the assaults allegedly occurred.

In response to questions from Deputy District Attorney Kate Kohler, Daniel Stoltzfus testified that he also also gave his wife, Savilla, to Kaplan. Kaplan allegedly took Savilla Stoltzfus as his wife in hopes of “strengthening” the Stoltzfus bloodlines.

Kaplan also allegedly took the Stolzfuses fourteen year old daughter as a wife as well. After this, he has been accused of raping her numerous times over many years. She gave birth to two of his children.

To make matters even worse, the Stoltzfuses admitted that they knew he was raping their underaged daughter.

Kaplan’s trailed has been scheduled for next May for many charges, including: the rape of a minor, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, and indecent assault.

When his assaults began on the girls, they were only between the ages of 6-years-old and 14-years-old.

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