Since When Is Dick Morris Our Standard for a Patriot?

Dick Morris is the man who gave us Bill Clinton. First, of course, he gave Bill Clinton to Arkansas in 1978. Then, after Clinton’s humiliating defeat by the Republican Frank White, Dick Morris came again to the rescue of Clinton and pulled out a second victory for him. Then, when Bill Clinton was in his first term as a President, and when the prospect of losing the re-election was real, Dick Morris was appointed to lead the campaign. (Remember Clinton-Gore’96?) While in the campaign, Dick Morris was having an affair with a prostitute, possibly also inviting her to his conversations with the President to impress her. Then, after the scandal was publicized, Morris turned against his own friend, and spent the rest of his political career throwing mud on the Clintons. The “man who has Clinton’s ear” was also described by BBC as the “most ruthless political consultant in the US.”

In short, Morris is a reliable person to school us into moral values – loyalty, patriotism, faithfulness, self-restraint, self-sacrifice. May be that’s why Hannity invited him to his show to tell us who’s a true patriot.

And Dick Morris didn’t miss the chance. He said that no true patriot would vote for Ron Paul.

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Now, I concede, disagreeing with Ron Paul is legitimate. We all have our different views on the economy, on the Fed, on foreign policy, on Israel. But, “no true patriot”?

He, of course, knows well that he is talking about the candidate who has 5 times more support from active duty personnel than all the others taken together. There can be different reasons for such support. I think the best reason is summarized in the words of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, “The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” Of course, we have to concede, a soldier’s prayer for peace sometimes has to go unheard; when there is a war, a soldier must go to war. Either way, Dick Morris’s statement deeply offended the men who fight, and kill, and die for our country. And you can call a soldier all kinds of names, he’ll remain calm. (You have to hear what soldiers call each other while on duty.) But don’t tell him he is not a true patriot. That’s a serious no-no.

The Internet was vibrating yesterday with reactions from servicemen and women, and veterans. Many of them offered “that Dick” to meet with them and tell them the same thing in the face. I wouldn’t. I know better than to face the righteous wrath of an American soldier.

And I know that Dick Morris engaged in the same rhetoric the leftists and the hippies did in the 60s and the 70s – throw insults at our servicemen just because they disagreed with the leftists’ views. Anyone remember the eggs thrown at the men in dress uniforms coming out of the airport gates?

But my main question is: What made Sean Hannity believe that Dick Morris is the man to tell a conservative audience who is a true patriot?

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