Skater Trades Olympic Dreams for Christian Ministry

There are tens of thousands of little girl ice skaters who have dreams of competing in the Olympics.  Dreams of stardom and fame as a champion ice skater fill their night times and push their daytimes with hours of rigorous and grueling practice.  Thousands dream, but few ever make it to the top level.

One girl who had those dreams is Lacy Marsh.  She spent years of practice and competition pursuing her Olympic dream.  She had achieved the senior level of her sport and her sights were set on Olympic gold.  One day in practice, her choreographer wanted her to perform a seductive dancing routine that didn’t feel right to Marsh.

Something stronger overcame her and caused her to examine who she was, what she had become and what was expected of her.  That something was her Christian faith and her faith was stronger than her desire for Olympic gold and fame, causing her to stop competing.

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In her new book, Godly and Girly: Your Life in a Crazy, Messy, Confusing World, Marsh explained:

“I grew up in a world that spoke lies loudly to me.  I could see that every girl outside my own skating world was hearing and believing those lies, too.”

Marsh still loved the sport and wanted to be part of it, but not in the way that others were pushing her into.  In her book, she also wrote:

“I wanted to be the best in the world for my Lord – but it became all about me in the end and I became who I was, to a certain extent, to fit in.”

“… I decided that this wasn’t worth it and this isn’t how I want to glorify God, and that if I don’t fit in with the skating world, then I need to make a different niche within the skating world so that I can fit it – but more importantly, so that I can raise up young women to have a place within this sport.”

Not only is Marsh active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but she is the Founder of Ice 4 Christ, a Christian based outreach to help train and teach younger girls about ice skating, competition and skating for God.  She told OneNewsNow:

“I have far more joy now in my skating and in my coaching and performing and creating choreography than I ever had when I was pursuing my Olympic dream.”

In describing her reason for writing her book, Marsh said:

“My journey on and off the ice taught me that there is one thing that can change everything- one Jewel underneath it.  I wrote this book to tell each reader the story of how I was shown that Jewel… and how they can treasure it, too.”

In her book, Marsh describes how she struggled with things like her body image and bouts of depression.  She discusses topics that almost every girl faces like asking what makes them important, do others think you’re pretty and who likes me.  She also deals with the pressures of sex and how to keep your dignity.  She explains that sex of any kind is a holy promise between a husband and wife.

If you have a daughter, you may want to look into Lacy Marsh’s book and sit down and read it with her.  Use it as a time of bonding, sharing and opening lines of communication that can often be broken as kids reach adolescence and teens.  More importantly, use the book to help your daughter(s) realize that being a Christian woman is far more important, than conforming to the world and seeking Olympic gold.

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