Small Business Owners Rewarded For Standing Up For Their Beliefs

Hurray for small business owners who stand up for their beliefs.  In two recent cases, the owners have been greatly rewarded for doing just that.

Back in July, I wrote about Prudhomme Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia, Pennsylvania.  The owner, Sharon Prudhomme, began offering a 10% discount on Sundays to anyone who brought in that day’s bulletin from their church.  A local atheist, John Wolff, protested and filed a complaint with the Human Relations Commission, against the restaurant owner for discriminating against atheists.

In a follow up, Prudhomme reports that since Wolff decided to cause a stir and single out her restaurant, business has been booming.  She also said she has hired a lawyer to handle her case and she has no intention of backing down.  There are 35 other restaurants in the general area that offer the same Sunday discount as she does, but hers is the only one that Wolff targeted.

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Prudhomme did make a gesture of good will toward Wolff and said that if he came in and presented his Freedom From Religion Foundation membership card that she would give him the same discount.  In commenting about his response, she said:

“His response: he said, ‘I couldn’t be bothered.’ So, he had never been here, he had never come here [and] he had never had any intention of coming.  He just happened to see our ad and decided that that was going to be something that would ruffle his feathers and whatnot.”

Hurray for Sharon Prudhomme for standing up for what she believes to be right, and I’m glad to see her business has been well rewarded for it.

In a second follow up to another couple of reports on a small business owner in Roanoke, Virginia who stood for what he believed in and refused to allow Vice President Joe Biden from using his bakery as a campaign stop.  Chris McMurray, a minister and owner of Crumb and Get It in Roanoke said he turned down the VP visit because of differences in religious beliefs with the Obama administration and because he was offended by Obama’s ‘you didn’t build that’ statement.

In the short time since the incident, McMurray’s business has gone through the roof and he has become a local hero and celebrity.  McMurray has appeared on On The Road with Greta Van Susteren, which is aired on Fox News.  He also had the honor of introducing Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan at a rally in Roanoke.  Some reporters and bloggers have compared McMurray to Joe the Plumber who confronted Obama on the campaign trail in 2008.

Again, hurray for Chris McMurray for standing firm on his beliefs and doing what he felt was right at the time.  Most people would have questioned his turning away business, especially from someone like Joe Biden, but in the long run, McMurray is being well rewarded for his integrity, honor and values.

If only more American’s had the same integrity, honor and values as Sarah Prudhomme and Chris McMurray, our nation would be a much better place to live than it has become.

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