Small Utah Town Seeks To Arm And Train Residents

Spring City is a small town in Utah of about 1,000 people. They’re planning on taking after Kennesaw, Georgia and encouraging all its residents to own a gun and to go through weapons training programs. They’re recommending that their teachers and homeowners carry concealed.

The idea was first brought before the city council by Councilman Neil Sorensen, who at first thought it would be a good idea to mandate that every city resident own a gun and take the proper training. But they decided that they didn’t need another government mandate, so they instead made it a recommendation.

They were right not to mandate that everybody own a gun. We don’t need a mandate. We have the 2nd Amendment that affirms our right to keep and bear arms. We simply need to legalize the Constitution, which is systematically being criminalized. If people don’t want to own a gun, they shouldn’t be required to do so against their will. They may end up regretting not having a gun, but that would be their choice. As Larry Pratt told Piers Morgan in his most recent interview, “I’m sure you’re going to feel so much better being defenseless until you need a gun, and then it’ll be a little too late to buy your insurance policy.”

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While this city’s new ordinance is a step in the right direction, just think of all the other states that are working to outlaw the 2nd Amendment. New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, and Vermont are all considering state-wide automatic weapons bans. Infowars summarized some states’ propositions:

  • In Connecticut, where the Newtown massacre occurred, a Democrat has proposed making public all the names of citizens who hold state-issued handgun permit holders. According to Rep. Stephen Dargan, the legislation violating the privacy of handgun owners in the state is intended “to get a broader discussion going on gun issues and mental health in the state.”
  • Lawmakers in Vermont are working to rollback the state’s “permissive” gun laws. Gun owners in the state are not required to ask the government for permission to carry a concealed weapon and are not obliged to register their firearms.
  • Delaware’s Sen. Robert Marshall is urging a “crackdown on gun ownership” and wants to give local government the ability to harass gun owners with bureaucratic licensing laws.
  • In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called for draconian gun laws and said the state may confiscate semiautomatic weapons.

If these don’t work, Obama may try an executive order. Some are saying that such an order may spark a 2nd war for independence. If it indeed comes to that, let us be reminded of what Captain John Parker told his army at Lexington Green, the place where the War for Independence began in 1775. He said, “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

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