Soap Opera Producer Buys Ambassadorship to Hungary

When Barack Obama first announced that he was running for president, many people questioned his qualifications. Other than being a socialist activist in Chicago and a brand new US Senator, Obama had virtually no experience at any form of leadership or international affairs. He certainly had no knowledge of military or economic strategy and that is still the case.

So it only makes sense that an inexperienced leader puts other inexperienced people into influential positions. All they need is the money or the ability to raise campaign funds to buy a position in the Obama administration. After all, when Obama was elected president, then Gov. Rod Blagojevich tried to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat, which resulted in him going to jail.

Following in Blagojevich’s shoes, Obama seems to be selling off ambassadorships to some of his biggest donors regardless if they have any experience or not. Case in point is the recent confirmation of Colleen Bell to be the new Ambassador to Hungary. What are her qualifications in international politics or American-Hungarian affairs? She purchased her Ambassador position by donating $800,000 to Obama’s 2012 campaign and then helped raise over $2.1 million more. And don’t forget that she was the producer for the TV soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Obama knew that their lack of any real qualifications would prevent their confirmation by a Republican controlled Senate so he pushed to have both donors confirmed while the Democrats were still in control. Before the vote, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) argued against the appointments:

“She is the producer of a soap opera, has no experience in foreign policy or national security, no familiarity with the language, country or region, has never been there, and lacks meaningful knowledge of history or economics. I’m sure television viewing is important in Hungary, but the fact is that this nominee is totally unqualified for this position.”

Sen. Barbara Boxer, (D-CA) countered McCain’s warning:

“Just because somebody is a producer of a very popular show, that doesn’t disqualify them. She’s an intelligent woman. She knows how to be successful. She’ll do a good job, and she’ll do very well, I think, in this position, because I know her well and she knows how to make friends, and she’s not angry.”

If that’s Boxer’s qualifications for a US Ambassador, then Big Bird from Sesame Street would qualify. After all, he knows how to make friends and he’s not angry.

The other Obama ambassador nominee was Noah Bryson Mamet. Representing America in Argentina, Mamet is nothing more than a Democratic campaign organizer and fund raiser from California. In 2012, Mamet raised over $500,000 for Obama’s campaign.

Mamet’s record for running campaigns is not exactly stellar. He worked as a driver and bodyguard for the failed primary campaign of Mel Levine who lost to Barbara Boxer. In 1994, he was the campaign manager for Peter Matthews who lost his bid for Congress. He went on to work as a senior advisor and national finance director for then House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt. He then worked on Gephardt’s failed campaign for president. From there, he served as a campaign bundler for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008.

To no great surprise, the Senate confirmed both nominations. Voting was along party lines with no Republicans voting for either nominee.

The world already considers Obama to be a big joke and have lost much of their respect for America because of him and his lack of leadership skills. Now we will add to the lack of respect by placing two completely unqualified people as official ambassadors to other countries. America will be more of a joke than ever before and rightly so.

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