Social Security – FDR’s Socialistic Failure

Franklin Delano Roosevelt ushered in an era of socialistic government expansion the likes of which had never been seen in our nation, that is until Barack Obama took office three years ago.

In 1935, FDR helped establish the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program. Today, after a number of revisions it is knows as Social Security. It was sold to the American people as a form of government subsidy upon retirement or becoming disabled.

At the time Social Security was enacted, and for the next 50-60 years, most Americans earned a pension from their employer. When they retired, they would start drawing that pension. At that time the average lifespan after retirement was only 5-8 years. Social Security was only meant as a supplement to pensions to help older folks through their later years for that short duration of less than 10 years.

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Today, very few employers offer pensions and people are living 15-20 years beyond retirement age. As a consequence, Social Security, which was only designed as a short term supplement, now has to serve as a long term principle retirement plan.

This is why the Social Security System is going bankrupt and why drastic measures need to be taken to fix or replace the problem. When George W. Bush suggested privatizing Social Security or offering a private alternative, the liberal press and politicians accused him of hating every senior citizen and disabled person in the United States.

Now, Republican Presidential candidate, Texas governor Rick Perry is being scrutinized for his views on Social Security that appeared his book published last November. Perry wrote that Social Security is unconstitutional, along with a number of other policies instituted by liberal politicians over the years.

And right now, Perry is right. Millions of younger Americans are being forced to pay into a government program that virtually every financial expert in the country says will not exist by the time these younger folks reach retirement.

What if we took the billions and billions of dollars we are giving to other countries and put that toward shoring up the failing Social Security system long enough to still provide financial assistance to the elderly and disabled while someone makes some changes to the current system to insure those paying into it now will still receive the benefits they are due?

Like it or not, someone has to do something about Social Security and I can guarantee that they won’t be very popular for doing it, but then who will people blame when Social Security goes bankrupt and no longer exists in any form whatsoever?

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