Social Worker Takes Newborn Away From Mom Over Questioning of Shots

Scott and Jodi Farris were eagerly expecting the birth of their child.  They had arranged for a midwife to help in the delivery, but when she went into labor early, the midwife advised them to go the hospital.  An ambulance was called to transport Jodi to the hospital, but the baby came faster than anyone planned and was delivered in the ambulance as it arrived in the parking lot of Hershey Medical Center.

Jodi and her little girl were immediately admitted to the hospital where staff members started caring for both mom and baby.  Jodi asked the attending nurses about her baby and how it was doing, but they did not answer her.  The nurses were about to give the baby an injection when Jodi asked what it was for.  None of the nurses would give her a straight answer but just told her that it was good for the baby.

After examining the newborn girl, a doctor informed Jodi that she was a healthy baby and scored a 9 on the APGAR test.  Not long after, a second doctor told her that her baby was very sick and that they needed to keep it in the hospital.  Then another hospital worker told her that her baby was doing good, but she again was told by another staffer that the baby wasn’t doing well and needed to stay in the hospital for the next 48 to 72 hours.  In fact, one of them told Jodi that they were required by state law to keep the baby for at least 48 hours.

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The happiest day in Jodi’s life was going from bad to worse when Angelica Lopez-Heagy, a government social worked came into Jodi’s room and announced that she was conducting an investigation.  Jodi asked her what the investigation was about and Lopez-Heagy told her that she couldn’t tell her as it was against the law to do so.  Having concern over what was going on, Jodi told the social worker that she was not comfortable answering her questions at which she was informed that if she didn’t, the social worker would call the police and they would assume custody of her baby girl.

From the questions Lopez-Heagy asked, Jodi got the impression that the investigation centered on her refusal to give the nurses permission to administer a vitamin K shot to the baby.  However, Jodi told her that no one asked her about the shot and had overheard the medical staff confirming that the baby had indeed been given the vitamin K shot.

About this time, Scott Farris left the hospital to return home to care for their other children.  Shortly after Scott left, the nurses insisted on giving the baby a Hepatitis B shot and tried to force Jodi to give permission.  Jodi asked if there had been any blood tests done to warrant the Hepatitis B shot being administered.  When they told her no, she informed them that she wanted blood tests done on her and the baby in order to determine if the shot was necessary or not.  The staff told her that the shot was necessary regardless of the tests and insisted she give them permission.  Jodi then asked if they could wait until she had a chance to talk to Scott when he came back to the hospital.

As soon as she asked to wait until her husband returned, Lopez-Heagy left the room and called the police.  Then she immediately assumed custody of the hours old baby girl.  She told Jodi that the baby was either ill or injured, that they were assuming control over the baby and then she gave the nurses permission to administer the Hepatitis B shot to the baby.

But wait, the nightmare is not over.

When the police arrived, they evicted Jodi from her bed and from the hospital because she would not sign the hospital’s ‘safety plan.’  Jodi was escorted out of the hospital and off of hospital property.  The only bright spot in her very dark day was that the hospital did give her permission to return every three hours to nurse the baby.  In order to do so, Jodi and Scott ended up having to sleep in their car in a nearby Wal-Mart parking lot.

The next morning, there was a hearing and the baby girl was finally returned to her parents.

Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Ferris’s.  Michael Farris pointed out that the hospital staff and the social worker repeatedly lied to the parents.  There was no law that stated that the hospital was required to keep the baby for at least 48-72 hours, nor was it against the law for the social worker to inform Jodi about the allegations that prompted the investigation.  Additionally, Jodi was lied to about the condition of her baby when some staff told her she was healthy and others told her she was quite ill.  The custody seizure was also illegal as there was no court order allowing the social worker or hospital staff to take custody.  And then you have the issue of the hospital staff giving the baby injections against the will of the parents.

Hershey Medical Center is a state run hospital and is operating under Obamacare guidelines.  This is the second such incident in the state of Pennsylvania where medical workers have used Obamacare regulations to overrule the authority of parents and possibly endanger the life of a child.

Earlier this week I wrote about Jacob Stieler who had cancer, was treated and has been cancer free for a year when the state medical personnel insist he undergo a dangerous and possibly cancer causing round of chemo.

Folks, this is Obamacare in action.  This is also why we need to be praying in all earnestness that the US Supreme Court rules the entire health bill to be unconstitutional.  Congress seems to be unwilling to live up to their promises to repeal it, so we need to turn it over to the Lord and pray that He will intervene before more Jacobs are given treatments that might kill them and more parents experience the horrific events surrounding the birth of a child as the Ferris family did.

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