Socialism Spreading Among Young Adults

This past week I had a chance to speak with a young twenty something adult. The conversation started with the low profit margin at the restaurant where she worked and I share with her what the industry standard is and then what is happening in San Francisco with the increase to their minimum wage.

Suddenly the conversation jumped to how wrong it is that so many CEOs make outrageous salaries while many of their employees struggle to survive. She said that they should be forced to share their wealth with the rest of America, especially with the homeless and low income people.

I told her that forced sharing the wealth is a socialist concept and she was shocked to hear that and at first denied it. She continued to say how wrong it was and I agreed with her but tried to explain that this is part of America’s free enterprise system.

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Then I asked her if it’s fair for the federal government to charge wealthy Americans a 48% inheritance tax like what Obama has been trying to push. At first she said yes, so then I put it to her like this:

What if your family had spent a century building a business starting from nothing and now is worth $100 million dollars. If the head of the family died, would you as the heir feel it right for the federal government to immediately take $48 million from your inheritance? She answered no.

They believe that it’s fair for the federal government to control private businesses and how much they pay their executives. This is socialism to the core and this is what Barack Obama and Democrats have been pushing for. Redistribution of wealth is a socialist construct and counter to everything that made America the strong and wealthy nation it once was.

My conversation with this young lady demonstrated just how insidiously socialist ideology has been indoctrinating America’s young people. They are believing and espousing socialistic ideology without realizing they are doing so. They don’t think of themselves as being socialists even though they are.

The younger generation is being taught anti-American socialist ideology in the public schools which is one of the reasons that I strongly advocate homeschooling or private schooling if at all possible. I realized that many working families cannot afford either and for them I advise that they become active in their child’s education and find out what the public school is teaching them and take the time to show them the problems with what they are learning. Make sure you teach your child that terms such as ‘social justice’ and ‘redistribution of wealth’ are politically correct ways of referring to socialism and to get the American people to buy into it without realizing it.

The liberal mainstream media also preaches and focuses on socialist ideas including the redistribution of wealth and social justice. They report negatively about many conservative news events to purposely make them appear wrong and evil.

All it takes is the brainwashing of one generation of young people to change the future of America and we’re witnessing that now. America is changing into a socialist nation right before our eyes and many of those responsible don’t even realize what they are doing.

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