Socialists Pushing for Child Euthanasia

Here in the US, Oregon passed the first legal euthanasia law in 1994 that allows assisted suicide for anyone 18 years of age or over who have a terminal illness.  This is a form of euthanasia.  In 2008, Washington passed its euthanasia bill and Vermont followed suit in May of this year.

In Europe, which seems to be paving the way for America’s socialist agenda, some form of euthanasia is legal in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.  In Switzerland, doctors are allowed to assist a patient in their wish to die, but cannot actively perform the procedure causing the death.  In the Netherlands, euthanasia is legal for anyone 12 years of age and over.  Children 12 to 18 require parental consent.

Belgium, a once neutral nation, has led Europe with legal euthanasia for adults, passing their first laws in 2002.  In 2003, 235 people in Belgium died from some form of euthanasia.  In 2012, the number had risen to 1,432.  In most instances, doctors give the patients a strong sedative to put them to sleep and then administer a solution that stops the heart.  It’s very similar to the method used by veterinarians to put pets down.

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The ruling political party in Belgium is the Socialist Party and they have introduced a bill that would allow euthanasia for children of all ages with parental consent.  They claim that the bill is intended to give parents the options of ending the suffering of a child.  Opponents argue that young children are unable to understand what’s involved in making such a decision to end their lives.

One of the most ardent opponents to the Belgium bill is the Christian Democratic Flemish Party.  They have vowed to fight the bill and take it before the European Court of Human Rights if the bill passes.

Catholic Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard argued against the bill, saying:

“It is strange that minors are considered legally incompetent in key areas, such as getting married, but might (be able) to decide to die.”

Socialist governments have never held that human life is special or needs to be preserved.  People are little more than livestock to them and like livestock, there are free to be slaughtered when necessary.

This is the same philosophy that pervades through the Democratic Party.  If you check the euthanasia laws that have been introduced in the US, you will find that Democrats and socialists have been the ones behind them.  They are the same people that so ardently defend the right to murder unborn children.  If not stopped, euthanasia laws will become more prevalent throughout the US.  The sanctity of life will be replaced with a socialist ideology that people are disposable.  We’ll see doctors like Kermit Gosnell that will be able to legally kill a healthy newborn simply because the mother doesn’t want it.  You’ll see parents legally murdering their children with Down’s syndrome and other conditions that require constant care.

Where will the line be drawn?  What will determine whether a child or adult can be legally euthanized?  The hedonistic debauchery that has over taken the American culture is bad enough, but what will happen when we begin to kill our children and loved ones simply because they are inconvenient to care for?  Abortion is bad enough but euthanasia is nothing more than a barbaric and horrendous practice that will lead to God’s ultimate destruction of our nation, if He doesn’t do it any sooner.

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