Solve America’s Budget Crisis in 15 Minutes

Today, you can be Congress and the President of the United States! You get to be ‘Budget Dictator in Chief.’ American Public Media has released their 2011 updated video game that allows you to tackle the budget of the United States the way you want it to be done. No longer do you need the worry and wait to see what your wussy representatives will do! Take action and slash the budget today!

I played this simulator earlier today and, while it has some serious shortcomings like not being able to tackle the particulars or choosing different ways to reform the tax code, it is a blast to play. It’s free and designed to give you an inkling of what our budget is like and what it takes to keep revenue steaming in while reducing the expenditures and debt. For a Christian Libertarian like me, I was able to to hack and slash as much as I could until we were running a budget surplus. You can even repeal ObamaCare with the click of a button.

Check out Budget Hero and get that budget in shape and see how you stack up to the competition.

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