Somali Immigrants Nearly Riot For Subsidized Housing

When an apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio announced that they had limited apartments available through subsidized housing, a riot nearly broke out when people, most of whom were Somali immigrants, vied to get to the front of the line. The Heritage Apartments organized an event that was to take place at a local Baptist church on Saturday morning where people could apply for the discounted rent apartments on a first-come, first-serve basis. They could only accept 200 applications.

But the night before, as many as 2,000 camped out in the church parking lot and even parked alongside the road and in people’s lawns and driveways. Residents called the police because of all the people blocking the road and all the noise and loud music.

Things really got out of hand when The Heritage Apartments came to the church to set up the event at 7am the following morning. The large crowd of people all clamored to get to the front of the line to apply for the subsidized housing, nearly causing a riot. Police were there for crowd control and even maced several people. No one was arrested, but the event had to be cancelled.

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This is just something to look forward to as the welfare state expands. The government intervenes in the marketplace and brings taxes and regulations that bankrupt small businesses and cause people to lose their jobs and homes. Then the government comes to the rescue and offers all manners of welfare in the form of subsidized housing and food stamps. People grow accustomed to it and dependent on it, and as long as the government provides for them, these people will keep supporting the politicians that promise more welfare benefits.

Meanwhile, The Department of Agriculture reported the largest increase in food stamp participation in one year. Previously, the record was held by the month of August of this year with over 420,000 new food stamp participants. But the month of September added another 607,000 food stamp recipients, the new record high in the last year. In total, there are now over 47.7 million Americans on food stamps, or 1 in 6.5 Americans (as of September).

At what point are police going to be called out for crowd control when food stamp riots start happening because the government can’t afford to provide them anymore or when the government has to reduce the benefits? From the beginning, Obama’s plan was to cripple the economy to create an environment where people run to the government for help and assistance. But when the government can no longer afford to keep their promises, there will be rioting in the streets, and conservatives will be blamed for not supporting more welfare funding, for not compromising and “working together” to find a solution.

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