Son of Gun Control Task Force Member Convicted Of Planning School Shooting

Here’s a bit of irony. One of the members of Obama’s gun control task force lead by Joe Biden has a son who was convicted a few years ago of plotting to commit a Columbine-style school shooting when he was a student at Marshfield High in Massachusetts.

Thomas Nee is the president of Boston’s largest police union in Boston, the National Association of Police Organizations and was a cop himself. In 2004, his son Joseph conspired with a friend to “take ammunition and explosive devices into the school, secure the school’s exit doors with bicycle locks and shoot students and staff.” There is also evidence that Joseph brought his dad’s service gun, a .40 caliber Glock, with him to school in one reported incident where he showed a fellow student the gun and told her how the “school was going to be shot up.” If the plan had come to fruition, it’s likely he would have used his dad’s gun.

Now, Thomas Nee is sitting on the task force devoted to finding ways to take away people’s access to guns. I guess he would be somewhat of an expert on gun violence since his own son once plotted to murder a bunch of students and teachers.

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Nee’s situation is slightly unique. Media love to fixate on how Lanza stole his mother’s legally owned guns in order to murder a bunch of kids and adults. Pundits will claim that if only we had even stricter gun laws, there wouldn’t have been any guns for Lanza to steal in the first place.

But in Joe Nee’s case, his dad was a cop. Cops and military personnel are allowed to have guns. They’re supposed to have guns presumably to protect themselves and other people. Yes, guns can protect you if they’re in the right hands. Thomas’s son stole his cop-dad’s gun. So, is Mr. Nee going to propose to limit access of guns to police as well? His personal case proved that even a police officer’s guns can be used for evil if they’re in the wrong hands. Of course, they can be used for evil even in they’re in the “right” hands. To be safe and consistent, maybe Nee should propose to ban guns in police departments.

Another expert on guns that is serving on this task force is Eric the Fast and Furious. Perhaps no one else knows more about smuggling guns illegally into the hands of Mexican drug cartels than Eric Holder does.

Quite the panel of experts we’ve got that will be finding out ways to curtail Americans’ 2nd Amendment to make us all safer.

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