Son Shoots and Kills 1 of 3 Armed Intruders Saving 8 People

Chalk another thwarted violent crime to a legally armed homeowner.

At 4:30am last Friday, a woman in Hockley, Texas, was fixing breakfast for a house full of people. Her three young granddaughters were with her in the kitchen. Also in the house at the time were her husband, two grown sons and an employee of the family’s construction business.

Suddenly, the door to house was kicked open and three armed intruders entered the house, guns drawn. As the woman began to plead for the lives of her granddaughters, one of her sons entered the kitchen with his gun and started shooting at the intruders. One of the thugs fell where he stood as the other two tried to shoot back as they ran from the house and escaped in a car.

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The family ran next door where they called 9-1-1. When police showed up at the scene, they found one of the intruders lying dead on the kitchen floor. He had no identity on him, but police are confident that they will find out who he is and hopefully tracked down his accomplices.

The quick thinking son had been woken up by the noise and is being credited with saving the lives of his mom and everyone else in the household. The Harris County Sheriff’s deputies said that the son opened fire first when he heard his mom pleading with the intruders not to hurt the girls.

Once again I point out that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other liberal anti-US Constitution Democrats would have preferred for there to be no weapons in this home. They prefer to see families and young kids terrorized at the hands of armed intruders who may have done virtually anything they wanted to mom, young girls and rest of the family.

Also realize that if you live in Texas, your governor’s race could determine whether or not you keep the right to have guns in your home. Republican Greg Abbott is very pro-US Constitution, Second Amendment and the right to own and use guns.  Texas Secretary of State, Abbott ran ads in New York inviting residents who own guns to move to Texas because of New York’s latest round of anti-guns laws.

His Democratic challenger, Wendy Davis is an Obamanite liberal who will not protect Texans’ right to bear arms. She tries to convince people she is pro-gun, but her track record says otherwise.

Thankfully, it appears that Abbott is holding a 50% to 41% lead over Davis, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll. Looking at the liberal Obama butt kissing governor we have in Kentucky, I wish someone like Abbott would run for office here.

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