South Carolinians Say Romney NOT the Man to Beat Obama

Going into Saturday’s South Carolina primary, Mitt Romney was portrayed by the media as the obvious frontrunner and most likely the winner of the Republican presidential nomination.  Even though Rick Santorum actually won the Iowa caucuses, the liberal media still portrayed Romney as the winner.

When the ballots were counted in South Carolina, not only was Romney not the winner, but he finished 12.5% behind Newt Gingrich.  Even more telling were the demographics and exit polls.

Romney only won 3 out of 46 counties.  Two of those counties contained the cities of Charleston and Columbia.  This should be no surprise as large metropolitan areas are traditionally more liberal than are the rural areas.  In the past few presidential elections, you can see the blue areas surrounding most of the major cities in the country while the majority of the nation is red, indicating Republican and more conservative voters.

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In the exit polls, Romney picked up more of the liberal vote than any other candidate.  In conjunction with garnishing the votes of liberals, he also received more votes from those that identified themselves as ‘not evangelical’ and those that did not share candidate’s religious beliefs.

When asked about Romney’s work experience in business, 50% checked negative, indicating that they did not like or were not impressed with his past business performance.

Then they were asked the question: “Which one of these candidate qualities mattered most in deciding whom to support today?” with the sub-question of which candidate can defeat Barack Obama?  Only 37% said they felt that Romney could defeat Obama but 51% said they thought that Gingrich had a better chance of winning in November.

I’m glad to see that many of the folks in South Carolina see Mitt Romney as the liberal he is.  I’ve heard from some that he is nothing more than a Barack Obama in Republican clothing.  No wonder the media seems to be electing him as the republican nominee, he’s no different than their other hero, Obama.

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