Special Ed Student Threatened by District for Recording Teacher’s Profanity Laced Tirade

Special education students face many struggles and difficulties in their lives. Kids tease and bully them, making their lives a living hell. Any parent or relative of a special needs child can probably relate hundreds of examples of the torment their kids receive.

These parents and their special needs kids often turn to teachers and school officials to help protect their kids from the abuse from other students. The last thing they would expect would be for the teachers and school officials to turn on their kids for doing what they believed was the right thing.

That’s exactly what happened with one 17 year old special education student at Jane Adams High School in the Cleveland school district.

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According to Fox 8 Cleveland:

“According to the incident report, the principal told investigators, the student reported he was sitting in front of classroom 218 with a fellow student and could hear teacher Debra White speaking about him in a negative manner.”

White’s comments were not just negative but degrading and laced with profanity so he used his cell phone to record what White was saying about him. When he got home, he played the recording for his mother who was outraged and went to school district officials to complain about White’s abusive tirade.

Fox 8 Cleveland managed to obtain an unredacted transcript of the recording:

“’You are not graduating yo momma, yo momma has disservice you.”

“To walk these damn halls to get a sue do diploma so she can feel good about her f—-dumb a– life and she has deceived that kid.”

“You going to walk these halls for four years because your mom wants you to get a degree, a damn Special Ed f—– degree at that.”

The student’s mother told Fox 8 Cleveland:

“My son was hurt by what she said. Emotionally hurt. He’s terrified to go to school.”

You would expect district officials issue an apology to the student and his parents and discipline White for her extremely hurtful and inappropriate comments, but that’s not what happened.

School district officials are now threatening to file felony charges against the student. They claim that the teacher expected the conversation to be private since it was made in the classroom. They released a statement saying:

“When a teacher is alleged to have engaged in unprofessional conduct, the matter is handled under guidelines established in the collective bargaining agreement between the District and the Cleveland Teachers Union. The process is confidential unless and until the Board of Education votes to impose discipline.”

“Unfortunately, Channel 8’s report on the incident was based on a secretly tape recorded conversation that took place behind closed doors between two adults who had a reasonable expectation of privacy and who did not give permission for their conversation to be recorded. It is regrettable that Channel 8 proceeded with airing the conversation after being informed by the district that doing so could be a violation of law.”

I would think that any sense of privacy flew out the door along with White’s raised voice that was clearly heard in the hallway by the special needs student and another student but that fact hasn’t dissuaded school officials from their threats against the student, his family and their attorney Steven Moody.

However, on Thursday after the news story had painted such a negative picture of school officials, the district announced that they have placed White on a three day suspension, saying:

“The nature of the suspension is based on a variety of factors including the contractual requirement of progressive discipline. Per the collective bargaining agreement the teacher has 60 days to file a grievance to appeal the suspension. The district again declines a request for an on-camera interview on this subject.”

Moody reacted to the announcement, saying:

“[the family is] not satisfied with the suspension.”

“First of all, I don’t believe this particular teacher is fit to teach. She provides a hostile educational environment.”

I bring this story to you as another example of how callous our public education system has become. They are more concerned with their agenda of brainwashing your kids with their hate America, hate God, hate Christianity and hate parents socialism than they are with your kids. Is this where you want for your kids?


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