We’re Stacking Homeless in Boxes While Obama Spends Millions on Golf

Like most Americans, you probably pinch your pennies these days just to get by.

It’s not that we’re lazy, we struggling Americans, but between the government taxing every dollar half a dozen times, inflation going up in a never-ending spiral and the normal contingencies of life, working harder can only get you so far.

You might say, “work smarter.” That’s good advice in general, but it doesn’t always work out. There are opportunities for the diligent, but in this economy, consumers are just as tight with their spending money as you and I are, so it’s a struggle.

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This is how bad the Obama economy is. (It’s not Bush’s economy, no matter how many liberals still try to ride that dead horse.)

Even governments are having to think of new corners to cut.

In San Jose, California, city council members are talking about building “microhouses” for the homeless just to get them off the streets and into something even remotely safe.

A microhouse or “housing pod” is basically a shed with a window and basic wiring. The ones being considered for the homeless are actually designed to serve as home offices, but officials are evidently willing to bend the housing rules to put the pods on public land.

So this is where we are, America. The greatest nation on Earth is trying to afford pods to stack the homeless in. According to the latest economic reports, the U.S. economy has slowed to a crawl, growing only 0.1 percent in the first quarter of this year.

After five years of experimenting with the most misguided of economic policies, we are exactly where sensible people predicted we would be, rapidly approaching Third World status and accelerating.

If that’s not enough to get you angry and motivated, consider the solipsistic mentalities of our so-called leaders who should be trying to dig us out of this hole but who keep digging it deeper instead.

Our president’s propensity for vacations is well known. A report from Judicial Watch points out that over $40 million has been spent on Air Force One for the first family’s vacations alone, plus millions more on accommodations, staff and all the fancy-shmancies that go along with a luxury vacation.

According to Judicial Watch, just two golf outings this year cost $2.9 million.

“It is clear that the Obamas continually abuse the perks of the president’s office at taxpayer expense,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And it is particularly interesting that Obama has chosen to take not one but two luxury vacations back-to-back while inveighing against ‘income equality.’ President Obama’s waste of the hard-earned tax dollars of working Americans on unnecessary luxury travel is an abuse of office.”

The government doesn’t hesitate to take your dollars right out of your pocket. Perhaps we should put more focus on taking some of them back by making the Obamas stay home.


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