State Department Guidelines Muzzle Employee Testimony before Congress

The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to free speech. However, we already know that liberal Democrats read the First Amendment much differently than the way it was written. They read it to say that a person has the right to free speech only after it’s been vetted by the Democratic superiors as is the case for State Department employees, past, present and future.

Currently, the State Department is under strong scrutiny by the Republican controlled Congress. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and at least two of her top aides are being grilled over the illegal use of private emails containing classified information. In October, congressional hearings will begin over the Benghazi fiasco.

A number of current and former State Department employees have already made statements that implicate Clinton’s negligence and lying concerning the attack at the Benghazi compound that resulted in the deaths of four Americans including US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

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In an effort to muzzle State Department employees, a new set of guidelines was issued on July 27. The guidelines include specific mention of what is allowed during congressional testimony, saying that any testimony to be given by a current or former State Department employee must be officially reviewed and approved by State Department officials beforehand. It doesn’t matter if the person testifying is speaking in an official capacity or as a private citizen, the guidelines require they be fully muzzled before testifying before Congress. Additionally it requires time for official review of blog and social media posts.

The new guidelines also restrict the publishing of material or information by current and former State Department employees. Peter Van Buren, a former State Department employee feels this part of the guidelines was directed at him. While still working for the State Department in 2012, Van Buren published a book that was critical of how the State Department handled the reconstruction efforts in Iraq. He also posted criticism on his personal blog and soon found himself being forced out of the State Department, despite laws protecting whistleblowers. He told the media:

“This does seem kind of coincidental that these new rules, after three years, have been issued in the same time frame as the Hillary Clinton [email] situation … and looking forward to [Benghazi] hearings in October. It looks like they are trying to chill the speech of their employees.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee commented about the new State Department anti-freedom of speech guidelines, saying, “it’s an absolute overreach.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke out against the new guidelines, saying:

“Any attempt by an agency to interfere with the testimony of former employees, who often feel free to be more candid about problems in their former agency, would weaken the checks and balances established by our Constitution.”

State Department officials are trying to justify the new guidelines by claiming that it’s designed to protect classified and sensitive information from being leaked out, however, this has become a common ploy of liberals and socialists for centuries. Over 250 years ago, the British placed harsh restrictions on what the American colonists could say or print. Dictators have also restricted the speech of their people in an attempt to subvert any form of rebellion.

The United Nations has their policy on hate language, which makes it internationally illegal to say anything against homosexuals and minorities, but it’s still okay to criticize and even blaspheme against God, Jesus, the Bible and anything Christian. We’re already seeing that here in the US as Christian business owners are being legally persecuted for standing up for their Christian faith. If you say anything negative about blacks or Hispanics you’re accused of using hate language, but it’s okay to say anything against whites.

The bottom line is that the State Department, which is still run by Obamanite Democrats, doesn’t want anyone speaking the truth before Congress. They know that if the truth about Benghazi or Hillary’s emails got out that key Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, could go to jail and they can’t let that happen no matter how illegal their actions to protect themselves and Hillary are.

The new State Department guidelines are unconstitutional and illegal, but when the Justice Department is also run by Obamanite Democrats, I doubt if anything or anyone will do anything to challenge them. So far, the Republican controlled Congress remains too weak and spineless to take strong actions against the illegal activities of Barack Obama and his administration. Perhaps we not only need someone like Donald Trump in the White House, who hasn’t been a lifelong politician, but a whole Congress full of non-politicians who will actually work for the good of the American people and end the political corruption that is destroying our nation.

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