State Dept. Covers-Up Crimes Just like Justice Dept.

Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department has repeatedly covered up crimes and closed investigations into other crimes. They have overlooked Barack Obama’s many crimes against the US Constitution and Congress. They dismissed a voter intimidation charge against two members of the New Black Panthers who were videoed in the act. It might have something to do with the fact that Obama marched with the two men before he illegally took residence in the White House.

According to the Inspector General’s office, the State Department has been just as corrupt as the Justice Department, a theme that runs rampant throughout the entire Obama abomination, I mean administration. Following a report issued last summer, the Inspector General’s office just stated that based upon interviews and internal documents, the State Department intentionally stopped a number of investigations into allegations of criminal misconduct made against State Department staff.

One example of the State Department’s corruption was the failure to investigate allegations of misconduct made against the US Ambassador to Belgium. All such allegations are supposed to be given a case number and properly investigated, but after interviewing one witness, they stopped any further investigation and never even bothered to assign a case number.

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The excuse given for not carrying out the investigation was due to exceptional circumstances that led the undersecretary to handle the matter as a management issue instead of a formal investigation. What were the exceptional circumstances that led to the improper handling of the case against the ambassador? According to the undersecretary the exceptional circumstances were that the ambassador lived overseas. Duh! Really?

Now realize that many of the original instances that were spelled out in last summer’s expose on State Department cover-ups occurred under the leadership of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This should be no surprise given the history that both Clinton’s had when they were still in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas and in the White House during Bill’s presidential escapades.

We already know that Hillary is guilty of treason for pumping sensitive information to the Muslim Brotherhood during their short time running Egypt. Her closest aid and confidant is the daughter of one of the leaders of the Muslim Sisterhood, the female counterpart to the Muslim Brotherhood. There have already been criminal charges filed in international court against Hillary for her part in the Muslim Brotherhood’s reign of terror on the people of Egypt.

We also know that Hillary has repeatedly lied about her role and responsibility in what happened at Benghazi. She also lied to the families of the victims of Benghazi and treated them like unimportant people that are below her dignity.

Yet if an election was held today, most polls indicate that Hillary Clinton, as corrupt as she is, would be elected president. The only real difference between her and Barack Obama is that we know where Hillary was born and she wears the pants in her family.

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