State Fights to Keep Transgender Bathroom Law

The State of California is pushing forward with plans to enact a law allowing public school students to pick which “gender” they want to be while on campus, and opponents say state officials are even breaking elections law to make it happen.

The Pacific Justice Institute, which is working with opponents of the law to get it on the statewide ballot, says that state election officials are deliberately using the fact that the last day for petitions was a Sunday to ignore hundreds of valid signatures.

PJI has filed a lawsuit naming Secretary of State Debra Bowen and the registrars for Tulare and Mono counties, Rita Woodward and Lynda Roberts.

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State law allows a full 90 days for the submission of signatures on ballot petitions. According to PJI, all its signatures to put the transgender law on the ballot were turned in on the 88th and 89th day, a Friday and Saturday, respectively. The law group says it worked with registrars up and down the state to be sure the signatures were accepted by the 90th day.

But Tulare and Mono did not process the petitions. In Tulare, according to the lawsuit, the clerk simply refused to sign for receipt of the petitions, and in Mono, they refused to process the petitions until after the deadline.

The law, passed by the state Legislature and signed by Gov. Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, would allow students to decide to participate in any sex-segregated activity they want and use any facilities they want.

For example, a strapping football player could decide  to pronounce himself a she on any given day, join the girls’ swim team and change and shower with the ladies, and school officials won’t legally be able to stop him.

The state government, never an advocate of traditional morals, has sunk to the depths of perversion for this one. If the number of rapes on campuses don’t soar overnight across the state, it will be a miracle.

If the state doesn’t verify enough petition signatures to put this nightmare of a law on the next ballot, it will go into effect on Jan. 1, and no girl in California will be safe.

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