State Kidnaps Twin Babies Because They Were Born At Home

Over the past year, I’ve written several accounts of children being kidnapped from their parents. Most of these cases have involved hospitals taking custody because the parents questioned their diagnosis or asked for a second opinion. Among those were the cases of Justina Pelletier and Kathryn Blaylock.

In Justina’s case, Boston Children’s Hospital seized control of a teenage girl and in a year and half turned her from an energetic outgoing and active kid to a wheelchair bound disabled girl who had trouble swallowing and talking. Even since the medical world has been turned over to the socialists, who also are taking control of our nation, medical kidnapping has greatly increased.

But now we have a case of medical kidnapping because a family chose to have a home birth instead of going to a hospital. Meet Cleave and Erica May Rengo of Bellingham, Washington. Erica is a singer and songwriter and known locally in her area. The Rengos are also Christians who have chosen a holistic and wholesome lifestyle to help them live their faith.

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When their first child, Levi was about to be born, the couple decided to use a birthing center and everything went well for mother and child. Erica’s mom is a La Leche League leader (a group that promotes and helps moms to breastfeed their babies) and she is a home birth educator. Erica was taught by her mom and well versed in what to do during the birthing process.

That prompted the Rengos to choose a home birth for their second pregnancy, which happened to be twins. On October 2, the twins came into the world without any complications. Erica, Morna Kai Grace and Daniel Clemente were all healthy and doing well.

However, some family members grew concerned about the couple’s decision to give birth at home and they called paramedics to the house. Knowing that mom and the twins were doing great, Cleave agreed to allow them into the house to check for themselves and put everyone’s concerns at rest.

The paramedics found the twins were already nursing and each weighed over five pounds. They checked the babies out and determined that they were indeed healthy, but following procedure they recommended the parents take them to a hospital to be checked out. The Rengos respectfully declined, explaining that they didn’t want to expose the twins to the dirty and diseased environment found in hospitals. They further explained that it is best to keep the babies at home for at least 6 weeks while their immune system has a chance to develop.

The very next day, Children’s Protective Service social workers showed up at the Rengo home. They claimed they were there to help, but Erica contends that someone must have called them, perhaps the paramedics.

About that time, one of the social workers noticed that 10 month old Levi had some eczema on his skin. Erica explained that she was treating it with an herbal remedy and administering some probiotics and coconut oil. She also informed the social worker that she was systematically trying to eliminate different items from the infants diet in hopes that they would be identify what was causing the eczema.

Upon examination, the social worker could tell that the eczema was healing. The social worker believed that Levi should be treated with steroids but Erica said that was a last option that they didn’t believe was necessary.

The social workers also found that the newborn twins were healthy, the house was clean and there was no sign of drugs or alcohol. CPS sent a nurse out to the house who verified what the social workers and paramedics had already discovered.

On November 6, CPS against returned to the Rengo home with orders to take the children into state custody. They cited the reasons as being failure to properly treat Levi’s eczema with steroids, having a home birth without medical prenatal care and allegations of abuse which have yet to be substantiated. In fact, Erica and the twins had receive prenatal care, but not from a regular doctor.

Erica and Cleave have been living a parent’s nightmare since that day. The news of their case has garnered local headlines and State Rep. Jason Overstreet has taken an interest in the case and prompted him to post on his Facebook page. Stephen Pidgeon, a constitutional attorney has agreed to help the distraught parents get their children back. They have been wrestling with the courts since that terrible day.

So when is it against the law to give birth at home or to use holistic prenatal care? Families have been having babies at home since Eve first gave birth to Cain. I’ve seen nothing in the laws that say it’s a crime or constitutes abuse in any way. However, part of a socialist government is to take control of children away from the parents. The government wants to have absolute control over your children and dictate how they are cared for, raised and especially what they are taught. They don’t want Christian parents to homeschool their children and teach them the true history of America or to teach them biblical principles. One way to bully Christian parents is to find lame excuses to rip their children from their arms and make them wards of the state.

Hopefully the Rengo’s attorney and Rep Overstreet will be able to successfully present their case before the judge and help Erica and Cleave regain custody of their children. However, many parts of the state of Washington are very liberal and you never how a liberal judge will rule these days. More often than not they rule on their personal agenda rather than on the law. One thing is certain, we all need to pray for the Rengo family and happy outcome.

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