State Mind Control In One Lesson: Feed Prisoners Perversion Fantasies

If anyone had asked me, I might have thought that a female prison guard over males serving at “one of Iowa’s most dangerous prison units” was a bad idea. I’m glad no one asked me, because it took a female guard to expose how perversion was being fed to prisoners who were supposedly being rehabilitated. AP reports:

“Murderers, sexual predators and other men housed at a unit for mentally ill inmates at the maximum-security state prison in Fort Madison were allowed to watch movies such as ‘Deranged,’ a horror film that includes a scene in which a woman is beaten, raped, hung upside down and skinned. Among other movies inmates watched were ‘Delta of Venus,’ an erotic film; ‘Coffey,’ which shows sadism and attempted rape; and ‘Cruel Intentions,’ records show. Despite correctional officer Kristine Sink’s complaints, administrators told her not to turn off the movies or shows. When she did, they accused her of insubordination, according to department records that Sink provided to The Associated Press. One warden blamed Sink for causing problems by complaining, and another supervisor suggested her outfits — a standard-issue uniform — were enticing inmates.”

He didn’t just blame her. He demanded that she “turn around” for him in his office so that he could examine how tight her uniform was. From the AP story, it really looks like the guards wanted to keep the prisoners titillated and the prisoners knew the male guards and warden were on their side. For example:

“Sink wrote that she turned off another movie after it showed sexual violence and she found one inmate masturbating in his cell. Another inmate said, ‘No offense but some women like it that way,’ she wrote to superiors. She said such movies jeopardized staff security and hurt the goals of sex offender treatment.”

To some extent, I wonder if the lack of privacy in prison put Sink into situations that were inherently harassing. But it is clear that providing erotic videos to prisoners is an evil idea. Assuming some of these prisoners will be released some day, that would mean they have spent years imbibing “entertainment” that reinforced a fantasy where it is good to dominate and enslave women. Stupid fantasies are being fed into population we know is most likely to believe and practice them.

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Why do prisoners get video entertainment at all? And if there is reason to provide them with material, why not provide the best available? Why not just provide reading or audio books and give them classic non-erotic literature? Why not provide only educational videos? I’m not in favor of prison at all, and don’t harbor any illusions that prison can transform people. But I do hold out hope that, if a prisoner gets an opportunity, a few might take advantage of it. Instead, the prison is playing the active role of Satan, encouraging prisoners to degrade themselves further.

Is this some anomaly, or is it a clear window in to the nature of the modern Western political system? Keeping subjects exposed to visual eroticism, even if it falls short of hard-core porn, can only produce viewers who are going to tend to be deficient as husbands, fathers, or producers. While there is reason to be concerned about such viewers acting out violently against women, there is also a much greater chance they will simply become useless and passive, waiting to get their next optical fantasy rather than trying to improve their lives.

It is not some accident that the modern “liberal” social-engineering state has developed at the same time as visual pornography. It is a form of brain washing. It trains viewers in ways of life that are dependent and compliant.

It makes them slaves, and thus it serves their masters’ interests to keep them entertained.

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