Does Your State Have More Registered Voters than Eligible Adults?

Prior to the 2012 elections, several states attempted to clean up their voter registration rolls.  One of those states was Florida.  They wanted to remove people that had died and a number of people that were not citizens of the US and therefore did not have the right to vote.  Their move was prompted by reports of dead people voting in some of the early primaries.

When Ken Detzner, Florida Secretary of State and his department began combing through the voter registration rolls, they found 53,000 dead people still registered to vote.  Before they could remove the dead from the rolls, US Attorney General Eric Holder issued an order for Florida to stop purging their voting records.  After all, that was 53,000 votes the Democrats were counting on.  Incidentally, the final result in Florida in 2012 was that Obama beat Romney by only 73,189 votes.  Subtract the 53,000 and you only have 20,189 votes left which could easily have been the number of non-citizens that were registered to vote.

Now, Judicial Watch is reporting that there are at least two states, Iowa and Colorado along with the District of Columbia that have more registered voters than adults 18 and over living in the states.  And if the states don’t clean up their voter registration rolls, Judicial Watch will take legal action to get them to do so.  According to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, states and municipalities are required to keep legitimate voter rolls.

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Robert D. Popper used to work as the deputy chief of the voting section of the Justice Department, but now he works for Judicial Watch.  On Monday, Popper told the press that he was part of 5 lawsuits during the Bush administration, but there has not been a single case filed during the 5 years Obama has been president.  Popper stated:

“There has been to my knowledge a demonstrated lack of interest in the Justice Department in pursuing these lawsuits.  In fact, the one claim that had anything to do with this list maintenance coming out of this Justice Department concerned the lawsuit that it commenced and then lost in which it tried to force the state of Florida to stop removing non-citizens who are on the voter rolls in the run up to the 2012 elections. Other than that, the Obama administration has no interest in pursuing Section 8 lawsuits.”

Judicial Watch compared US Census data for 2010 and 2012 and compared population figures to the data from the US Election Assistance Commission.  They discovered that the number of counties in Iowa with more registered voters than eligible residents had increased from 10 counties in 2010 to 24 counties in 2012.  There are a total of 99 counties in Iowa which meant that going into the 2012 elections, that nearly 1 of every 4 counties had more registered voters than eligible adults.  I don’t know which counties they are, but I would not be surprised if those 24 counties were among the 37 counties Obama won.

In Colorado, Judicial Watch discovered that the number of counties with more registered voters than eligible adults rose from 10 in 2010 to 22 counties in 2012.  Colorado only has 64 counties, which means a little over 1 of every 3 counties had more voters than adults.  Like in Iowa, I wonder how many of the 27 counties that Obama won were among the 22 that had more registered voters than eligible adults.

Letters have been sent by Judicial Watch to election officials in Iowa, Colorado and DC, giving them 90 days to correct their erroneous voter registration files or they will file federal lawsuits against them.  The letter read in part:

“Specifically, we ask you to: 1) conduct or implement systemic, uniform, nondiscriminatory program to remove from the list of eligible voters the names of persons who have become ineligible to vote by reason of change in residence; 2) complete this program no less than 90 days prior to the November election; 3) conduct or implement additional routine measures to remove from the list of eligible voters the names of persons who have become ineligible to vote by reasons of death, change in residence, or a disqualifying criminal conviction, and to remove noncitizens who have registered to vote unlawfully.”

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch told the press:

“Dirty voter rolls mean dirty elections.  Many states are shirking their legal responsibilities to maintain clean voter rolls. This undermines confidence in our election system and outrageously, the Obama Justice Department simply refuses to enforce the federal law that requires states to take responsible steps to clean voter rolls. Judicial Watch is now doing the job of the U.S. Justice Department.”

I wonder how many other counties in other states have more registered voters than eligible adults?  How many Democrats, including Barack Obama won elections with votes from dead people, non-citizens or just plain voter fraud with people voting multiple times?  I’m hoping that they get most of these rolls corrected before Democrats can steal this year’s mid-term election.

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