State of the Union Turns Into Crazy Barry’s Giveaway

President Obama’s personal failings were on full display as he gave the State of the Union address.

I truly believe that Obama has, right now, more power than any president has ever possessed. He has defied every attempt to pin him down and confine him by law, and he has singlehandedly erased most of the Constitution (particularly the parts about separation of powers).

But there’s something in his character that prevents him from truly capitalizing on what’s been handed to him and grabbing that crown he fantasizes about.

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I suppose that’s not a new revelation, as he has squandered his six years in office in every way conceivable. But at this moment he could still get away with anything since Congress has demonstrated it’s unwilling to really oppose him, yet he’s holding back. Or perhaps it’s his handlers keeping him under control.

In any case, rather than a tour de force, the annual SOTU turned into a tour de run-of-the-mill finger-pointing, credit-stealing, lies and promotional giveaways. It was like watching a late-night infomercial that ends in a car commercial.

In part of his speech, Obama called for a new tone of cooperation in politics. About ten seconds later, he was back to school-yard name-calling of Republicans as he beat his chest about winning his two elections.

There was some talk about an improving economy — lies.

There was some talk about winning the fight against ISIS — lies.

There was talk about showing strength around the world and standing up to Vladimir Putin — lies.

There was still more talk about standing with our allies — laughable lies.

He even patted himself on the back for healthcare costs decreasing, which is Washington-speak for “it didn’t go up as much as we expected.”

You can read a detailed fact-check from AP here.

On top of all the claiming of credit for things that didn’t happen there was the annual Free Stuff Blowout portion of the program.

If Crazy Barry is to be believed, you or your kids are going to get free — that’s right, free — community college. (I wonder if he’s talked to textbook publishers about this.)

You’re also going to get a free raise at work. Doesn’t matter if you’ve earned it. You’re going to get one because, hey, you’re you, and we want those approval ratings to go up.

And if you’re a woman, you’ll get a double serving of wage hike because everyone knows you’ve been underpaid for years and you’re too weak and defenseless to do anything about it yourself, cupcake.

This in turn will make the economy magically better because not only are the evil businesses that Obama wants to saddle with a huge overhead increase going to give you a raise or else, but they are going to pay higher taxes so that you in some vaguely glossed-over way will benefit from the government throwing even more money around.

And the biggy: Obama is going to fix the climate. He knows some pretty good scientists with phony numbers and a penchant for grant money, and they’ve told him the Perfect Temperature of the Earth, so he’s going to shut down the polluters while pulling thousands of new jobs out of his, er, back pocket and put everyone to work on some sort of green job … uh … thing.

Thousands of jobs.

America — gettin’ back to work.

(Except for those who, ya know, don’t want to.)

Because America can only innovate and lead the world by giving China a better trade agreement and keeping jobs at home … in America … an American home, not a Chinese home … because that wasn’t exactly clear.

Global warming.

Stoppin’ it.

Did we mention it’s all going to be free?


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