State of the Union Will Challenge America’s Values

When President Obama gives his State of the Union speech tomorrow, he will be attempting to “shift the public’s souring view of his leadership,” as the Wall Street Journal has put it.

Unfortunately, he intends to assert his leadership by grossly violating the Constitution.

According to the Associated Press, the White House in “previewing” the State of the Union address said that Obama will “work with Congress where he can and circumvent lawmakers where he must.”

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For a couple of weeks now, Obama has been going around telling everybody that same thing, that he will circumvent Congress in the coming year.

The Constitution establishes three separate branches of government that are supposed to serve as checks and balances on each other. Each branch performs specific functions. Congress is supposed to pass the laws, while the president is supposed to enforce them.

By passing over Congress, Obama is seizing power that the Constitution does not grant to the president. The power to make laws was specifically kept from the president in order to prevent the rise of an American monarchy after the Revolution.

Obama for years has been using executive orders, which are not in the Constitution, to enact laws and programs he couldn’t get through Congress. His complete lack of leadership skills have led to an increasing reliance on the orders and rules changes made by agencies under his command to remake America to fit his Marxist agenda.

Congress has either been oblivious to the growing threat from the imperial president, or its members have mostly been approving of it. (We’re looking at you, Democrats and RINOs.)

If Obama has finally gathered the nerve to threaten to circumvent Congress during the State of the Union address, this will be nothing short of a declaration before the world that the American experiment in freedom has failed.

Such a declaration would have the same effect as if Obama were to crown himself, a la Emperor Napoleon. If the president feels free to make law without Congress, then why have Congress at all?

The ball, as they say, is in Congress’ court.

That’s worrisome because this Congress seems more intent on pushing through amnesty than in preserving the Union. If Obama is unchallenged, amnesty is guaranteed and will just become one more way to destroy whatever ashes are left of America. After all, when the citizens’ representatives are meaningless, why would citizenship mean anything?

Many people saw before Obama’s election the inevitable direction he would take this country. Many have feared that he would make himself a king, making the ending of his elected term moot.

It seems only a handful of people understand what’s happening in our nation’s capital, and they only have a few honest senators and representatives in Congress. The Administration, the Democratic Party, the RINO leadership and the media are all arrayed against the Tea Party and its supporters, even bragging about actively warring against them, when the Tea Party seems to be the only group of people defending the Constitution.

If things go the way many people have feared, then with reference to history the next major event should be some sort of national emergency, probably manufactured, in which the president’s political rivals will be named as the cause, resulting in some sort of national declaration that could mean martial law.

But predicting the future is an iffy proposition. A lot of things could happen, including Obama chickening out or having a personal moral revelation that causes him to change his ways. But probably not.

This State of the Union could be a pivotal moment in American history, when the book is closed on liberty for good. The only way to know for certain is to wait and see what Obama does and how Congress reacts.

We should not be alarmed or overly focused on what-ifs. Put your faith in God and in those principles you know to be true.

But whatever is going to happen, we the people should to be ready.

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