States Fighting Obama’s Dictatorship

Barack Obama believes that he is not only above the law but that no one has the right to question or challenge the legality of his actions. This amounts to dictatorship and Obama’s desire for unconditional rule over America.

When it came to the issue of having to prove his eligibility to run for president, he never complied and insisted that he didn’t have to show is birth certificate or provide any other proof of eligibility. He’s successfully beat off every legal challenge that has been filed concerning his eligibility.

Several weeks ago, Judge Arthur J. Schwab of the Western District Court of Pennsylvania ruled on a deportation case of one illegal alien. During that court case, Obama’s attorney’s argued that the court has no authority to review a president’s decision making. If the courts don’t have the authority to question the president’s decision making then who does? Doesn’t this make the occupant of the White House a dictator?

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A number of states disagree with Obama’s attorneys and are preparing to fight Obama on his immigration memo. Lawyers representing twenty-five states have joined together to file legal action to block Obama’s delayed deportation action.

The Department of Homeland Security is asking the court to just dismiss the case since they believe that the president has the authority to dictate how immigration official should enforce the laws. But does he really have that legal power?

The White House thinks Obama has that power. In their lawsuit, the states claim that the Obama administration says that his policy is:

“…challengeable by no plaintiff, reviewable by no court, and subject to no public input.”

Again, that amounts to dictatorial powers that no one in United States government has. The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution specifically to avoid giving any person this kind of power.

Harry Truman was the last president to assume the same kind of power as Barack Obama. However, the Supreme Court blocked Truman’s executive orders that Truman issued during the 1952 steelworkers strike. The states cite this case in their challenge to block Obama’s delayed deportation order.

Since Obama’s delayed deportation will cost states millions of dollars on health, education and law enforcement, they claim that they have the legal right to challenge Obama’s order just as Truman was challenged back in 1952.

The lawsuit is known as Texas v. U.S., 1:14-254, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas (Brownsville) and is set to start on January 15. Hopefully the judge involved will have read the US Constitution and realize that Obama is not above legal reproach. He does not have dictatorial powers even if he thinks he has. Someone has to stop our Dictator-in-Chief.

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