Stop the Feds and Support Your Local County Sheriff

Many people, including local law enforcement, do not realize that the county sheriff is the supreme law of the county according to the Supreme Court.  Unknowing sheriffs frequently allow various federal agencies to walk into their jurisdiction and take actions that they really don’t have the legal right to take.

In 1997, Sheriff Richard Mack filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that there are no constitutional grounds on which to force state and local law enforcement officials to implement federal laws.  The case in point dealt with the Brady Act and the requirement of local law enforcement officers to conduct a background check on all gun sales application within 5 days.

The Supreme Court upheld Sheriff Mack’s case, demonstrating the power of the county sheriff in regards to federal law and federal agencies.

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Since that time, Sheriff Mack has retired from law enforcement and now travels teaching and coaching other local law enforcement officials as to the extent of their powers over the federal government, which are often greater than the locals realized.

If you want to help curb the illegal actions of many of the federal government’s agencies, I suggest you obtain a copy of Mack’s book, The County Sheriff America’s Last Hope.

Additionally, encourage your local county sheriff to attend the Constitutional Sheriffs Convention to be held in Las Vegas on January 29-31.  The convention is only open to credentialed law enforcement officers.  They are hoping to have 200 sheriffs from across America attend and be trained on what their constitutional powers really are.

Topics for the event include:

  • Bill of Rights Training from Michael Badnarik
  • Presentation on the Second Amendment from Larry Pratt
  • Presentation on the Tenth Amendment and state sovereignty
  • Presentation on the threat of Agenda 21 to state sovereignty
  • Presentation on Continental Congress 2009’s Articles of Freedom
  • County Sheriff Success Stories on Enforcing the Bill of Rights
  • Presentation on formation of a Sheriff’s Posse
  • Joint Declaration notifying specific federal agencies about specific violations that county sheriffs’ will no longer tolerate in their counties.

Among the things county sheriffs will learn is:

“The county sheriff can prevent unlawful searches and seizures, unlawful freezing of individual bank accounts, unlawful foreclosures, unlawful theft of property, unlawful actions by agents of unconstitutional federal agencies such as the FDA, IRS, ATF, EPA and more.”

If you want to help take back state’s rights away from the federal government, encourage your local county sheriff to attend this convention.  You may even want to help financially support their costs.  More importantly, they can use your prayer support as they and their officers lay their lives on the line every day for you and I.

For more information on the convention, visit County Sheriff Project.

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