Stop the Violence Organizers Arrested for Assault

Many social groups and organizations have noble causes. Pro-life, Tea Party, patriotic, conservative and some Christian organizations are among my favorites. The reason I say some Christian organizations and not all is because of what I’ve learned about the people behind the organization and some of the things they’ve done or are doing. I always advise everyone to take time to investigate an organization along with its organizers and leaders before getting involved or giving them your money.

Stop the Violence is a prime example of an organization that sounds noble but I would offer caution before getting involved with them.

Several of the organizers were sharing an apartment and had recently planned a march to protest a couple of recent shootings. According to reports, one of the organizers, Joshua Magraff stole some property that belonged to the others of the group. That spurred fellow organizers Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez to viciously attack Magraff. The hit and kicked him so severely that Magraff began vomiting blood and slipped into unconsciousness. He is in the hospital, still unconscious and listed in serious condition.

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Leader of the Stop the Violence group, Suzanne Kelley told the media:

“I can’t believe this is going on. I don’t want the community to get a negative effect from this, because they back us.”

Sorry, Kelley, but it does reflect on your group. How can people truly believe that your organization wants to stop violence when your own organizers can’t control their own anger and violent tendencies?

This is the same hypocrisy that has brought down ministries when the religious founder and leader is exposed indulging the same sins he preaches against. This is the same hypocrisy as Barack Obama publicly advocating that all schools should be gun-free zones and even opposes arming faculty and staff when his own kids attend a school with a minimum of 11 armed guards. It’s the same hypocrisy of Barack Obama who claims to be a Christian while obviously acting more like a Muslim than a Christian.

So who’s going to trust Stop the Violence after this? Perhaps someone should organize a protest against the violence of the Stop the Violence organizers.

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