Storing 7 Days of Food Could Send You to Gitmo Indefinitely

If President Obama signs the National Defense Authorization Act that is sitting on his desk, it will give him the power to arrest any American citizen and send them to Guantanamo Bay without any charges, without a trial and the imprisonment can be indefinite.

Contained in the over 1800 pages of the massive bill is a provision that gives the military the power to indefinitely detain any suspected terrorists without filing charges.  Since the President is Commander in Chief of the armed forces, that provision also gives him the same powers.

The real danger lies in the government’s definition of what a suspected terrorist is.

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According to Sen Rand Paul (R-KY),

“We’re talking about American citizens who can be taken from the United States and sent to a camp at Guantanamo Bay and held indefinitely.  There are laws on the books right now that characterize who might be a terrorist: someone missing fingers on their hands is a suspect, according to the Department of Justice. Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist. If you are suspected because of these activities, do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?”

Paul says this is why he and twelve other senators voted against the bill, because they saw the dangerous implications of this provision which was designed to give the military certain powers during the current conflict with al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

A number of Democrats deny that the bill contains any provision that would allow for the indefinite detainment of American citizens without due process of law.  However, if you look at the list of the Dems making the denials, you will quickly discover that they are the loyal minions of the president and have already proven that they will lie and pervert the law so as to support Obama.

The truly frightening aspect of this is that Obama has placed a number of provisions in place to set the stage for his dictatorial takeover of the country.  Once he touches the ink to this piece of legislation, he will have the power to accuse anyone who opposes him of being a suspected terrorist and have them sent to Gitmo or some other military facility where they can be held without any formal charges for as long as the government determines that we are still at hostility with terrorism.

This provision is another nail in the coffin of free America, mark my word.

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