Student Asks About Bible – Teacher Gives Bible to Student – School Fires Teacher

If you think that schools are supposed to educate your kids, think again.  After nearly a century of liberal control of the public school system, they are nothing more than institutions of brainwashing and indoctrination.  They do not teach or allow students to think, reason and inquire on their own.  Students and teachers are only allowed to operate within the narrow guidelines established by the liberals to suppress any form of thinking, reasoning or inquiry that questions the norms that they have established.  Nothing else is acceptable.

Walter Tutka has found out just how intolerable to other views the liberal administrators have become.  Tutka has been a substitute teacher in the Phillipsburg, New Jersey school district for many years.

Last October, students at the middle school were coming into the building; they passed by Tutka who was standing in the hallway.  As one student passed by, Tutka told him:

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“Just remember, son, the first shall be last but the last shall be first.”

The student just looked at him and said nothing.  Several days later, that student came to Tutka and asked him where that quote came from.  Tutka told the boy it came from the Bible.  A couple days later Oct. 12, 2012, the student approached Tutka while he was eating his lunch and asked the teacher if he could show him where in the Bible it said that.  Tutka pulled out the pocket New Testament he carries with him and showed the boy where the quote could be found in Matthew 19:30 and Mark 10:31.

Tutka then asked the boy if he had a Bible of his own, and the boy said he did not.  The teacher asked the boy if he would like his Bible and when the boy said yes, Tutka gave him his Bible to keep.

Six days later on Oct. 18, Superintendent George Chando informed Tutka that he was seeking to have the substitute teacher terminated because of what happened.  According to the school district, Tutka violated two school policies: one for handing out religious material on school property and the second for not being neutral when discussing religious issues with students.

That’s one of the many things that annoy me about liberals.  Their so-called neutral is actually their view versus a conservative or Christian view.  Jesus made it very clear in Matthew 11:23 that whoever is not with him is against him.  There is no middle or neutral ground.  In Revelation 3:15-16, Jesus says that anyone who is neither hot nor cold, but is lukewarm will be spat out of His mouth.  He would prefer us to be one or the other.

Walt Tutka refuses to be lukewarm or neutral and with the help of a law firm and the Liberty Institute, he has filed a grievance with the Equal Opportunity Employment Office.  Tutka claims that he has been discriminated against for religious reasons.  He states that he only responded to the inquiries of a student’s intellectual curiosity and the school terminated him for it.

The public schools bully and intimidate anyone who shows any signs of Christianity and often do so illegally.  My granddaughter is in 5th grade at a public school in northern Kentucky.  She was told that she wasn’t allowed to wear her t-shirt that had a Christian message on it because it could be offensive to others.  A girl in her class carried her Bible to school to read during lunch time, and was told she wasn’t allowed to carry a Bible at school.

Legally, a student can carry a Bible to school or wear a t-shirt with the Christian message on it.  They can also legally ask questions about the Bible and creationism in public school, as long as they broach the subject and not the teacher.  Once the subject has been brought up by a student, teachers have the legal right answer them honestly (and there is nothing honest about evolution.)

The problem has gotten so bad in America that we are actually one of the worst countries to persecute Christians in the public school system.  Many other countries of the world allow discussions on the Bible and prayer in their schools.

A good friend of mine is an accomplished artist and illustrator of children’s books. For years, he would visit schools, private and public and talk about his artwork and illustrations. He would also talk about his relationship with Jesus Christ and how it was Christ who gave him the talent that he has. Sadly, he was warned by a teacher to be careful sharing his Christian faith and testimony in a public school. He emigrated to New Zealand about 10 years ago. In New Zealand he discovered that the schools are much more open to the Gospel than here in America. He tells me that some primary schools have half an hour of Christian religious instruction on a weekly basis. Parents can opt out for their kids if they want.

I hope and pray that Walter Tutka wins his grievance against the school district and that he is allowed back in the schools.  School administrators across the land need to learn exactly what is and what isn’t legal and they need to learn it from someone who actually knows the law, not from liberal organizations that will hide the truth, like the ACLU and Americans for the Separation of Church and State.  There are a number of Christian based law firms around the country that can tell you what is and isn’t legal concerning God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and creationism in the public schools.  You may be surprised to find out just what you and your student’s legal rights are.

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