Student Expelled from Christian College Marrying Same-Sex Partner

Most private colleges and universities have rules of conduct that students have to sign in order to attend. If they break those rules, the students are faced with disciplinary action up to expulsion. Over the years, thousands of students have found themselves to be expelled from their college or university for conduct violations.

Nonetheless, one expulsion is sure to make headlines among the liberal LGBT community.

Christian Minard, 22, had signed such a code of conduct when she decided to attend Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma. Her major is sports management and Christian only had one more semester to go to complete her degree requirements.

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But she will not be allowed to complete her degree at Southwestern Christian University due to her violation of the school’s Lifestyle Covenant that she had signed and she has no one to blame but herself. The university learned that on March 17, Minard got married to her same-sex partner Kadyn Parks in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On the university’s website, it states that signing the Lifestyle Covenant is part of the admission process, but they do not have the covenant posted on their site, at least it’s not accessible to the general public. According to other sources, the Lifestyle Covenant does say that a student could be expelled for violating any of the following prohibitions: harassment, sexual misconduct, pornography, alcohol, tobacco and other sins which does encompass homosexual behavior.

So it shouldn’t have been any great surprise when a letter arrived at Minard’s parents’ house from the university. The letter was written by Brad Davis, Vice President of Student Life and it was about her same-sex marriage. The letter read in part:

“I was informed that you recently married someone of the same sex and saw a few pictures from Facebook. Of course, this is opposing to our view as an International Pentecostal Holiness denominational university as well as the Lifestyle Covenant that all students must agree and sign….”

“As an American and a Christian, I do respect your choice. [But] I have to uphold the Lifestyle Covenant at SCU and confront you with our position.”

“Due to this recent event, you will not be able to attend SCU in the future.”

Minard is now complaining that it isn’t fair because other students violate the Lifestyle Covenant and are not expelled from the school. Some believe that this may be a valid justification, but I do not. Remember the old saying that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’? Minard also states that no other school around has the same program and that she’ll lose some of her credits if she has to transfer to another university.

Oh boo hoo! She should have thought about that before she married another woman. She knew she was violating the school’s policy about sexual misconduct and homosexuality but she did it anyway. It seems that Minard has the attitude of so many other homosexuals that they can violate whatever rules they want and if necessary they’ll scream and holler and threaten to sue if they don’t get their way.

I haven’t heard yet if she’ll try to sue the university, but if she does, I pray that the judge will uphold the school because Minard did sign the Lifestyle Covenant and she knowingly broke that signed agreement. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see what happens.

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