Student Refuses To Wear LGBT ‘Rainbow Poppy’, Suspended For “Hate Speech”

A 17-year-old student refused to wear an LGBT ‘rainbow poppy’ then distributes a poster giving her reasons so her school suspended her for “hate speech.”

The Canadian Legion has actually trademarked the red poppy and states that any change to the poppy is disrespectful of the veterans.

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According to a former Conservative Party candidate from northern Manitoba in Canada, her 17-year-old cousin was suspended from school when she refused to wear a Remembrance Day poppy containing a rainbow in support of LGBT+ causes.

A report from The Post Millennial indicated the teenager was suspended for distributing a poster outlining her reasons for refusing to wear the rainbow poppy.

Cyara Bird of the Little Black River First Nation, whose grandfather was reportedly a World War II veteran, wrote on Twitter that her 17-year-old cousin Natalie and another student said they would not wear the rainbow poppy at Stonewall Collegiate as they preferred to wear the traditional red-and-black poppy, with Natalie reportedly saying the rainbow poppy was “disrespectful” to the World War II veterans in her family.

Bird wrote: My 17-year-old cousin was suspended today… want to know why? Her choir teacher was demanding that the choir wear rainbow poppies during their performance in the Remembrance Day ceremony. She and another student rejected that idea, and both were suspended for “hate speech.” More

The poster allegedly distributed by Natalie read:

Never seen something so disrespectful in all my days. What does LGBTQ have to do with the war? Red represents Blood, Black represents widows and loved ones, green represents land the blood was spilled on. NEVER change the poppy. Way to un-do centuries of blood sweat and tears all because you needed to do the dishes. Keep it in your pants nobody wants or needs to see it.

You’ve got a whole month dedicated to the LGBTQ community, but the people who legitimately made a difference and died so that we could live decent lives get one day. You don’t need a poppy, you just clearly want attention. One day to celebrate the real hero’s how about we don’t make it about your sexuality for once?

If you didn’t make such a big deal about it and force people to make it a part of their lives it would be no problem.

Keep the rainbow off the Poppy! This young lady is absolutely correct. Her arguments are sound, logical and not at all hate speech or threatening.

Do not manipulate and highjack something as wonderful as the poppy for veterans into something else because it is convenient. Stand strong young lady! We are with you.

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