Students Bow to Sun God in Public School Yoga Program

Considering that students in public schools today can’t say “bless you” when a classmate sneezes without some atheist getting his panties in a bunch, you’d think teaching students to bow to the Hindu sun god would be a no-brainer.

Or perhaps no-brainers working at the school district office are the problem.

The Encinitas Union School District — in California, natch — is in the midst of being sued over its Ashtanga yoga program, which is required, according to one of the lawyers representing parents against the district.

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Attorney Brad Dacus told WorldNet Daily, “This school district has essentially adopted a state religion and is forcing it upon our young children by requiring this class to be taken. These actions violate the fundamental right of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs, and they disregard the Constitution that this nation was founded upon.”

The program is provided to the district under contract with a religious group, which in itself is amazing because most public schools are surrounded by Christian-sensing Claymore mines.

District officials insist they have removed any religious materials from the program, which still includes things like assorted “praying hands” positions. A lower court found that the students were also required to do things like bow to the Hindu sun god Surya.

The court ruled that yoga is religious. It also ruled that the school district’s yoga practices are identical to religious yoga practices.

Then it ruled that the district could go ahead with the program anyway.

Dean Broyles of the the National Center for Law & Policy, which is helping to fight the district, said, “Although yoga is very popular today, it is not the job of state to pick religious winners and losers, as the district has clearly done in Encinitas. We must not allow the state or cultural elites to decide by fiat which popular and politically correct religious beliefs and practices, such as Hinduism and yoga, are acceptable for the state to promote to our children with our taxpayer resources, and which beliefs and practices, such as Christianity, are not acceptable to advance.”

Today’s schools are a veritable spiritual war zone, where the popular culture regularly clashes with values children may be taught at home.

After seeing the resulting generational deterioration of society because of public schools’ “separation of church and state,” atheist- and heathen-driven, rock ‘n’ roll education free-for-all, I’ve got to say I’m not impressed.

Schools shouldn’t be religious indoctrination centers for the Bible any more than they should be for the Bhagavad Gita, but it sure seems like people in general were smarter and better behaved when there was a little less sun god and a little more Son of God in schools.

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